I facilitate Wholeness through complementary and holistic practices designed and experienced for unapologetic expression, human embodiment, limitless expansion, fierce empowerment, and awareness of our Sovereign Divinity.

Fully Human. Fully Divine.

Oracular High Priestess, Celestial Intuitive & Channel, Reclamation Witch, Jumper, Time Traveler, Mum, Humanist

  • Certified Spiral  & Emotional Clearing Practitioner
  • Certified Sophia Circle  Facilitator
  • 13 year Mentored & Practiced Angelic Channel
  • Certified RYT500 Hatha Yoga Teacher (One Yoga Center)
  • Certified Shaktinanada Yoga Teacher (Blissful Yoga)
  • Certified Yin Yoga Teacher (Blissful Yoga)
  • Certified NJ Special Olympics Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Somatic Meditation Guide
  • Reiki II certified
  • World Religions & Philosophies Bachelor, Continuing
  • Student of European Shamanic Energy Healing

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Beth Barling Wellness

My Personal Journey back to Divine Sovereignty

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