Distraction, Surrender, and Walking One’s Path

The Full Moon was almost a week ago but I’m still nursing her after effects.  The Full Moon, for me, is a time of peak energy, a culmination, a powerful and sometimes dangerous surge. When this energy is properly noticed, appreciated, surrendered to, and harmonized with, it becomes the gateway, I have found, to transitioning for the betterment of one’s self. The release, as intensity wanes alongside her, is the sweet celebration of stepping into that transition. Only, though, if we are mindful of the opportunity…

This month, I was at absolute maximum “self study” capacity. I poured over books and articles, researched and studied, practiced, and composed papers, all engendered towards my Advance Yoga Teacher Training studies and my collegiate Religion studies. As I close the door on finals and my last few YTT essays, I am respite with relief, self-love, and gratitude for my teachers, colleagues, and all the knowledge and lessons I inhaled.

What I uncovered, in myself, and resign to release, is the capacity to distract myself from the task at hand, my “end goal,” my “true self.” It was with startling and sobering clarity that my distractions were revealed, as well as, how I adore them so and how hard they were to put down. How much precious time do I accredit to the engagement in these distractions? Once witnessed and acknowledged, though, is release imminent?

I surrender, then, over and over, to the relinquishment of my witnessed distractions. I battle to clear out and walk the path to the betterment of myself, to the sweet celebration of clarity, self study, and life purpose.  If we look deeper, it may feel that distractions, named and unnamed, keep us afloat, rather than our true purpose. If we identify and call them by their names, do we defeat them? I believe we do.

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