Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry


Theresa Parkhill and I have been working together, the past few months, to build a Spiritual Yoga & Meditation Retreat around St. Padre Pio. We are excited to launch the itinerary and enrollment details for the event, Sunday August 18th!

I experienced my first spiritual retreat visiting the National Center for Padre Pio in Barto, PA. I knew his story to be amazing, heavy on the mystical vein of Catholicism, which intrigues me, endlessly. I went there to enjoy a day with my family and soak in all the history and artifacts I could stuff into my brain while I was there.

What I ended up experiencing was so far from what I anticipated. It was the sweetest day with my daughter, my parents, my aunts, and a bus-full of other spirit seeking and precious souls. The conversation was light, the air was quiet and calm. This mystical saint’s story grew more beautiful with every piece I gathered along the way. I didn’t need to furiously read the artifact labels and take notes, though, I could simply feel the intensity of his journey, his story, and his legacy. I was moved. I was inspired.

Spending the last few years familiarizing myself with energy, studying and practicing the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, as well as connecting with my version of source, I am even more cognizant and grateful for this rare and beautiful experience. The energy was rich, thick, soft, and safe. Call it grace, presence, energy, whatever nomenclature resonates with you … This mystical experience brought me unexpected peace, before I knew how much I needed it.

My overactive mind was silenced
My fears were silenced
Creating space and availability
Space to contemplate my life and what mattered
Space to be present
Present and available to truly enjoy my family
Present and available to reconnect with my own spirit and purpose

This experience occurred at the start of my Corporate Decline/Spiritual Incline.  I am certain, looking back, that this life event attributed to my hopping off the path of machinery and expectations and onto a path of purpose, faith, & empowerment.

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