Of Paths…

We drove out yesterday morning on our mini Italian road trip, after a week exploring Rome. The intense energy of Rome, thousands of years of the most breathtaking and beautiful alongside the most dark and terrible, started to loosen his grip.

Path 4Rome was an unexpected marriage of light and dark,
good and evil,
the criminal defector and the valiant dissenting martyr,
contradictions and curious parallels,
timeless art and cuisine,
ancient history and the beautiful, elegant, smiling living Romans.Path 2

Of course, as expected, it is a stunning epicenter of devotion and love for the Divine.

Driving through the Apennine Range, down the coast of the Adriatic Sea, in search of San Giovanni Rotondo, I turned to its resident beloved mystic to help assimilate these conflicting energies and emotions. From Padre Pio’s meditation on “Paths”…

‘Padre Pio’s Assurance: “Have no fear as regards your spirit because it is absolutely not true that you have taken the wrong path. The path you tread is one that will lead you to heaven. And it is safer because Jesus himself takes you by the hand. Do not upset yourself at your spiritual aridity and desolation. On the contrary, console yourself in the top of your spirit…”

“During this state of aridity and desolation of spirit, don’t worry if you are unable to serve God as you would like. While you adapt to his wishes, you serve him according to God’s will, which is better than yours. What does it matter to us whether we belong to God in one way or another? In truth, as we seek nothing but God… we must be content Path 1with both paths”’

If I was concerned about my path, my unique way of connecting to the Divine, there is really no need. I learned about God in the Roman Catholic tradition. I found God, my source, when I started to connect with the Divine in a way that spoke to me, personally.

Two paths, the one we expect to be on and the one we are called to be on.

Who gets to decide our path? Our road map? Our purpose? Our connection to the divine? What rules apply?

With profound love for so many of the religious beliefs I was raised in…
Beliefs that have been re-inspired, even, in my journey… The journey of a Traveler, Yogi, Wellness Facilitator, Daughter, Sister, Mother, Widow, Wife, Friend, Teacher, Professional…

I find that if I am am responsible for my path… the road map must be my own.

Listening to Divine guidance
Surrender to the Divine
Choosing the Path we are called to

Meditation, Surrender & Action

Find your spiritual connection to the Divine!

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