Fall to Winter 2020

Hello all!

The last few months have been deeply reflective for me…
I’ve been digging a deep well into my person through Religious Studies at Rowan, Spiral Healing, teaching a few beginner yoga series, celebrating, as always, angels and saints through a meditative yin series, and working through the final 100 hour module to earn my 500 RYT certificate…

This semester at Rowan, I am studying “Ancient Christianity” as well as “Nature and Spirituality”. Looking at religion from scholastic and philosophical perspective has been more than illuminating on this path to self discovery…

A friend of mine, from my One Yoga Center Yoga Teacher Training, recently said to me “Religion is a path to spirituality”… and that really summed up everything I am diving into, currently. Religion gives us roots, and those roots have the potential to become our spirituality… feeling Spirit or the Divine, in our daily lives, searching for connection, to me, is the greatest journey, the journey to Spirit. How does our physical world connect to the great unknown of the Spiritual world?

Connect to the physical elements with me in my FREE online Elemental Yoga Series! We’ve just started this week, and we would love to have you join us. Click the link below for details:

Free Online Elemental Yoga!

Our summer vacation to Italy has been so restorative to me, that I have teamed up with Veteran Yogi, Retreat Leader, and friend, Tracey Ulshafer to create:

Amore Italian Yoga Retreat
April 2020

Join us for an unforgettable yogic experience in Naples and Positano, Italy. Celebrate and experience lush scenery, healing waters, indescribable food, the enchantment of old world history, the dawn of Christianity, the height of the Greco-Roman empire, the undeniable impact of Nature Spirituality, and ancient familial love and magic still breathing life in these world renowned landscapes.

Information Session
Information on Amore Italy RetreatRetreat Information
Amore Italian Retreat


Nothing has been more illuminating than my scholastic studies of ancient religions combined with my personal, spiritual work… What do I believe? What is important to me? As a Woman, as a Mother to both a young man and a young woman? What role have women played in history, in monotheistic traditions as well as all traditions? Where is the Great Mother? What role does she play in making the Great Father, the Great Balance a reality?

I am creating an Online Empowerment Yoga Series, that will run for six weeks, through the Holiday Season & the New Year. Celebrate diversity, the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine, and finding our own divinity in this earthly Realm. This series honors all traditions and philosophies, and is meant to propagate the empowerment of our community…

Click the link for details…
Empowerment Series

There is no better journey than the journey to the Self…

I am climbing back up from the deeply introspective world… Yoga, meditation, spiritual connection and communication have created a magical path for my family and I. One of my deepest dives this summer and fall has been my Spiral journey, facilitated by one of my lovely Spiritual Guides, Ms. Leah Steele. I’ll be in Byron Bay, Australia, January 2020, to become a Spiral Practitioner, in the hopes that I can share this type of growth within our community.

I look forward to sharing my path with you and being a part of your journey…

Talk to you soon – xo, Beth

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