Consciously Choosing Calm in the Chaos

On the same spot I sit today
Others came, in ages past, to sit.
One thousand years, still others will come.
Who is the Singer and who is the Listener?

– Nguyen Cong Tru, Poet 

I came across this message, while preparing meditation content for my new co-creation project, Soul Magic Garden, in The Miracle of Mindfulness, by Thich Nhat Hanh. He considers the  seat he is taking to meditate… how the Buddha sat before him, how countless others have sat, and how countless more will sit… In one moment, one breath, he sits back in perfect alignment with “infinite & eternal reality”… 

The vastness of the worldwide pause may be overwhelming. What once felt like urgency and chaos has slowly morphed into the quiet presence of the unknown.

The sea of external speculation is limitless… 
If I consider my personal experience, this moment, this breath, as “infinite & eternal reality” and in alignment with the world, is it then the self-work that is my contribution to the world? Is the energy of witnessing myself, healing myself, and loving myself, in this moment, enough to rebuild this world in a higher frequency?  

If I am a better mother, wiser teacher, devoted lover, clever story teller, compassionate friend, compassionate stranger, and unapologetically my truest self… that ripple seems like the only ripple worth creating a stir for. 

The greater the light, the greater the darkness. In the chaotic unknown, choose your brightest self, for you, your family, and your contribution towards the beauty of our collective eternal reality.

I wish you and your family love, health, safety, security,  transformation, and magic… especially love & magic.

XO – Beth
This decade taught me, over and over, to consciously choose myself. To choose the inner world, to choose the inner work, to choose honoring all the parts of who I am.

The external world responds in kind. 

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