Creating Space for our Highest Frequency – 444 Day

The Age of Aquarius…..

Today is 4-4-2020 (2+0+2+0 = 4)… The 4-4-4 Portal…

There are so many ideas about what today will mean, especially in the face of our current worldwide pause. I certainly will not compete with these astrological geniuses here…  But, my favorite mystics are reporting that this is the start of the Age of Aquarius… 

According to Doreen Valiente, our Earth has three different motions: Rotation upon its axis every twenty four hours…. the orbit around the sun every Earthly year moving through the Tropical Zodiac….. and the slow circling of the Earths axis, like a top, which slightly alters our poles in alignment with the heavens and causes the equinoctial point of the Earth to move through its own Zodiac…

(…because of this slow circling of the equinoctial point,  Polaris, present day North Star, hasn’t always been and will not always be the North Star? Thuban was the North Star of Ancient Eqypt… #planetariumnerd)

The equinoctial point moves through all twelve signs of the “Zodiac of the Starry Constellations”…. The Great Year, the time it takes for the equinoctial point of the Earth to move through all twelve “Ages” is 25,920 earthly years. Each Age is, therefore 2,160 years… Without a certain date to kick of the New Age, the best we can do is intuit when this transition will take place… or if it has slowly been taking place for quote some time… Are the characteristics of this world demonstrating a move from The 2000 year old Age of Pisces into the New Age of Aquarius? The transition is a time of flux for the world….

“…the forms of the old order are breaking down, so that those of the new order may be built up….”

– Doreen Valiente

Our Highest Frequency….

It feels perfectly logical, and hopeful, that there is a huge shift in energy on the other side of the current state of our world. Or is it already here?
 In the current unknown we are facing, the existence of perfect beauty & human unity is springing up all over our world….

In my own part of NJ, local parents started a small donation based group to keep local restaurants in business and medical workers fed by organizing take-out for the local hospitals. That group has over 10,000 people, last I checked (@Food4Staff)… how unbelievably amazing has the almost overnight recovery and healing of our animals and nature been since the world slowed down… Major League baseball teams have repurposed their new uniform material to make protective gowns and masks for under-protected hospital workers… Amazon made all their children’s books and TV shows free until children can go back to school…. Just a few small examples… 

I do not devalue or underestimate the turmoil and sadness in the world….
Though, where there is the most darkness, it is blissful to see the light the brightest it’s ever been. My favorite nurse, and most days, my favorite human, has put her life completely in the hands of the Divine and operates in perfect love, every day, for every single patient who walks in her hospital. She stands bedside to her lonely and scared patients… caring, laughing and crying with them. She and her team battle their overwhelming emotions to relentlessly pursue their healing path… In the grimmest of times, she let’s her sickest patients FaceTime their families, from her phone, so they can say how much they love each other. 

Her story is not unique… The light of this world is rising…

If you find yourself in turmoil or anger today, be with your feelings. Honor your human experience. I have found that the past two weeks have brought old wounds, never properly healed, to the surface for management. And I have dealt with them…

There is no room for old stories in the ascension… in the Age of Aquarius… Turmoil, anger, sadness, these emotions are speaking to you… Fearlessly honor your Unique and Divine self. 

The path of clearing our emotions is through our emotions. Truly experiencing the human path, celebrating the human path, and ascending from them… a newer, clearer, more loving version…. closer to the Divinity of your Inner Self… 

If we choose the path through, the path of ascension, the gift is the gratitude and joy found in the healing. When our old lessons and experiences are finally and fully assimilated, the gift is the space we create allow our unconditional love, compassion, and beauty to emerge… The gift is the capacity to embrace each other, and ourselves, in those energies.

That is what I choose to tune into and feel… These are the emotions that are overwhelmingly all around me. I love all of you for being that gift to me.  

XO – Beth 

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