Transformation in the Resurrection

Easter & Passover Blessings

Transformation from the Darkness to the Miracle

This season is a celebration of life, a celebration of the path before us… a celebration of freedom from fear & oppression….

In Passover we celebrate the liberation of the oppressed Jews under tyrannical structures, by the grace of the Celestial Divine.

In Easter we celebrate the resurrection of the Earthly Divine in Yeshua, Jesus Christ returning from the grave, liberating Christians from the fear and permanence of death. 

In Ostara, just past, we saw the celebration of the dawn and the fertility of the majestic Earth, the Divine blossoming before us.

Upcoming Ramadan is the celebration of Muslim unity and of gift of the Celestial Divine bestowing Mohammed with the words of the Qu’ran, the Divine order of living, by way of the Archangel Gabriel. 
 This season carries us from Darkness to the Miracle. Embrace and bathe in the beautiful and majestic Divinity all around you… In unity, we experience our miracle… Perhaps it is our Divine Unity that creates the space for Divine Miracles… 

xo – Beth

Celebrate your Divinity! Community and private experiences available below… Yoga, breathe, meditate, communicate, witness, experience… Sending you all so much love.

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