The Pause Gives Way to the Storm

I find myself in the space of heightened and polarized emotions. A space that I have worked so hard though yoga, meditation, awareness, and universal faith studies to step away from. 

As the journey continues, the path becomes steeper.

Whether we are prepared or not, we are faced with turmoil. This turmoil has opened up emotions, for me, that feel more deep and ancestral as anything I have experienced in this life.

I am grateful for the tools I have found in religious studies and the resultant self work. Chanting to calm and still my racing thoughts, beautiful aligned friendships that lift me up when I darken, yoga asana to communicate with the infinite wisdom of my body, and meditation to experience and honor my connection to Self, the Divine, and the breathtakingly diverse and powerful Humanity that surrounds me. 

I am honored, today, to be human.
We are waking as a collective.
I am honored to be the Light for some and I am in the deepest gratitude for those who shine the Light for me.

The human capacity to Survive is evident, to thrive is available, and to find a new beginning, imminent. 


It is with the greatest love and compassion, with which I am capable, that I honor humanity through the lens of the current turmoil and riot. There is nothing that compares with the value of human life.

I believe that to be kind we must first find that kindness for ourself

To love, we must first find that unconditional love for self

To be a humanitarian, we must first find that balance and harmony of power within the self

Empowered by our own kindness, love, awareness, and strength, may we step more fully into the world.

May we do the self work so we may love this world better.

I offer my love and compassion to all of humanity

I especially offer my focus, dedication, and love to those who are marginalized in our world today. Black Lives Matter. 


I have lined up and partnered with others to create FREE opportunities below.  
Celebrate the healing of humanity with us

All of my unconditional love to your whole self
xo – Beth

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