Expression and Celebration

After a long six weeks of travel, human and spiritual reconnection, I find myself hermit-ing pretty hard these past couple weeks. If we were blessed with safe space during the worldwide shutdown, an unforeseen gift might have been the remembrance of self care, fluidity, and taking time to nurture our transformation. A living Savasana! 

(How the Divine Feminine steps in at every pass lately)

What resonates the loudest for me, after moving between and betwixt internal and external extremes is the magnificence of this Earthly journey, this human experience. The Soul already knows all the secrets of the universe… what the soul longs for is the experience of the present. 

Expression & Celebration

I invite you to step into personal expression, with me, in every way. Soul speaks through every aspect of us. As we trust in our Soul-Speak, via our style of dress, our humor, our homes, our likes and dislikes, we start to trust in our Voice. Our Expression.

We taste the sweetness of living the life we were born to live.

As Soul-Speak expresses in little ways, the larger ways feel more accessible: our purpose work, our connection to the Divine, our controversial Truth and personal Dogma. 

Harm None… basking in the beauty of who we really are reminds us of our Divine Love and Compassion, allowing space for everyone to bask in theirunique beauty.

There’s no competition at your best self because only you can be at your best self. You certainly cannot be someone else’s best self. Likewise, you are not bound to someone else’s decision of who your best self is or should be. 

Even at the first step, the intention, to seek personal expression, to seek our Truth, we are a beacon of light for the world to mirror and to celebrate who all truly are. We are the opportunity to embrace the treasure of the soul, the True Self, the Well. 

Celebrate within, Celebrate without.

All of my unconditional love to your whole self
xo – Beth


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