The Cosmic Flow

In the Soul Magic Garden, a Yoga and Meditation Collective I am partnered in, we have been working through the heightened energies of the recently peaked, currently waning, Lion’s Gate Portal. A rough celestial description of this portal is that it is marked by the star Sirius shining brightest and closest to us. It is the “Lion’s” Gate as it occurs during Leo season. Sirius, a star 25% more luminous than our Sun, represents abundance, harvest, and fertility. 

This cosmic flow between the Earthly and the Celestial is amplified. Abundance, harvest, and fertility may be witnessed, if we choose to, in the physical world around us, as well as within us. This year, specifically, the abundance and fertility, available for harvest, may show up as a “demand” to honor and assimilate, fully, the lessons we have worked through as one Earth community. 

This sounds beautiful. I believe moving through this type of “ascension” or “growth” is beautiful. But, as I sit in the thick of this work, I don’t feel very beautiful. This amplified energy has shown up in my life as fiery emotions, sensitive highs and lows, and a resurgence of old stories that I thought I had put to rest.

I am grateful for my guides, my yoga, my meditation, my spiral, and my studies; all fueling my choice to Connect with and Surrender to Self.  My emotional experiences these past few weeks, though loud, are simply amplified messages from my body, my source of emotional intelligence. The choice to witness my experiences with reverence and love rather than judgement and despair is not always easy, but my tools and my tribe make it easier. Just like any muscle, choosing Self becomes more natural and easier with practice.

Celebrate within, Celebrate without.

All of my unconditional love to your whole self
xo – Beth

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