Creating New Paradigms

“New Paradigms” 
A new Way of Doing things that Replaces the Old

“Paradigm Shift”
Successive Transition from one Paradigm to Another
A Revolution
The Usual Developmental Pattern of Mature Science

“Paradigm Paralysis”
The Inability to See Beyond the Current Models of Thinking

After spending time releasing un-aligned dogma, non-truths, non-self identities, and redefining what matters in life, I am looking forward to a little New Moon Creation. In our Yoga container we are creating community space to Create New Paradigms

Scientifically, a paradigm shift, where we transition to one reality to another, occurs as a “response to the accumulation of critical anomalies, encompassing older and relevant data to explain said anomalies.”

What are the patterns, thoughts, postulates and standards that no longer serve us? What are the patterns, thoughts, postulates and standards that remain aligned, resonant, sync us with our highest good and optimal blessings? 

Consciously and intentionally observing, assessing, and nurturing ourselves, with a little love, a little science, and a lot of Higher Power and Higher Self, we see through the current vantage point, and awaken to a new paradigm. 

Celebrate within, Celebrate without.

All of my unconditional love to your whole self
xo – Beth

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