This month, my Yoga and Spiritual practice has been focused on Authenticity. It is difficult but worthwhile to spend time with Self to uncover who you are, what your purpose is, etc. Experiencing a long period of being indoors, alone or with our closest loved ones, created the space to find Authenticity with ease. Who are we without the world’s expectations and directions? Perhaps we were, maybe, forced to confront our Authenticity without these pressing energies.

The challenge, as we emerge this summer, is to our Authentic Self into the World, as it is, around us.  Acting in our authenticity for so long, unchallenged, changes the paradigm of how we view the world. The world appears different to me; understandably The different through any new paradigm. This time, everyone is seeing the world through a new lens, a new paradigm.

If we are all deeper in our Authenticity, perhaps it’s time to celebrate all our Authenticity. As we celebrate and unleash the Wild of who we are, more and more each day, we learn to honor and embrace the Wild Authenticity of who our neighbors and community are. 

Each of us is Divinely Unique. Each of us is Divinely Equal. We each have a Divine Purpose and Message. 

Celebrate within in order to Celebrate without.

All of my unconditional love to your whole self
xo – Beth

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