Courting Self

Our Divine Nature is a Sovereign Nature. We are a Collective One and we are Independent, Free-willed, and Magic. What would life be like if you cut the puppet strings of control and suppression?

Lately, I am working through embodying my emotions, especially my darkest, to move through them to a place of a sweeter and deeper relationship with Self. I am honoring, especially, this autumn month, a deeper transformation from the Socially Acceptable Non-Self to the Divinity of my True Self.

Perfectly matched, this week, in the Soul Magic Garden, we welcome the release of the brilliant first Autumn Full Moon with our theme “Releasing the Inner Tyrant”.

There is no tyrant in this world that evokes more control over you than the tyrant within. We kick off the week by naming, embracing, learning from, and releasing the seven demons of the seven chakras. 

Celebrate, honor, and release the strings of tyranny.
Celebrate within in order to Celebrate without.All of my unconditional love to your whole self
xo – Beth

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