Moving Through Grief Retreat

Moving Through Grief Retreat

Saturday Oct 17th & Sunday Oct 18th

Safely Distanced at the South Jersey Shore or Online via Zoom
No matter what type of grief you are experiencing, whether old or new, there is a path through. Grief is a vacillating energy that lodges itself in out hearts. Though it may be quiet some days and ruthless on others, it is ever present, waiting for us to unpack, embrace, and move through the experience. 

Moving through grief isn’t about simply “letting go” of our grief. For the experiences in our life that cause the greatest grief, the greatest sense of loss, letting go is far too weak and, in some ways, far too unsettling a proposition. Often we do not want to move out of grief because we feel indebted to what was lost, mournful, and choose to hold on to anything that enables us a connection with what was. Moving through grief is an opportunity to celebrate and commemorate what was, honor the story, honor the journey, and allow ourselves to fully embody and embrace all the emotions and transitions. Moving through grief is a beautiful journey of the deepest and most profound love for the vacillations of world and for the magnificence of our divine expression.

This retreat is an opportunity to open up to a variety of philosophical and spiritual concepts to move through grief. It is an opportunity to come together as a supportive and understanding community, to hold space together, and facilitate our own next step towards awakening, ascension, liberation, and wholeness. Join Ashley Di and I for 24 hours, Saturday 9am through Sunday 9AM, online or with us at the South Jersey Shore, to activate your healing journey through grief to the expansion of your vulnerable and divine capacity to love.  
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Saturday November 21st & Sunday November 22nd

The Light
Saturday December 12th & Sunday December 13th
October in The Soul Magic Garden

This month is Magick in the SMG Yoga, Meditation, and Spirit Community

Celebrating Gnostic Goddess Sige 
The Gnostics, originally, early esoteric and mystical Judaic and Christian sects prizing knowledge (gnosis), believed that the great Mother Goddess Sige was there before all others. She is the original divine feminine within. She is Silence, rest, and contemplation. Together with her divine masculine counterpart, they birthed “Thought” and “Will”, and it is of Sige that all Wisdom is birthed. 
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Themes this month

Week 1 – The Morrigan
Week 2 – Sige
Week 3 – Freya
Week 4 – Hecate 
The Garden Gate is Open
All Are Welcome Here
New YouTube Release
Cultivating & Honoring Silence

New YouTube video release!

This short conversational video discusses the benefits of Silence, how to obtain silence, and a little about the Gnostic Goddess of Silence, Sige. All things come from silence… what are you cultivating?
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Release the shackles of who you are told to be and step into the Truth of who you are

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