A little Freya, A little Hecate

We are deeper and deeper into the magical month of October. Starting with the Harvest Full Moon, this month has been a deep and penetrating month, currently winding down (or building energy?) towards the Samhain Full Moon this Halloween! This special time of year is considered the end of the year for most of us that celebrate Nature’s Wheel of the Year. This Harvest is the final tipping point towards Winter where the earth lay dormant to begin her new cycle of contemplating, processing, and transforming for her rebirth in the spring.

This wise month, in our Yoga, Meditation, & Spirit collective, The Soul Magic Garden, AnneMarie and I have been focusing on celebrating our own Unique and Sovereign Magic. We chose to facilitate our Soul Magic Community to embody their own magic through the stories of ancient goddesses, both powerfully dark and light, safely within the protection of Divine White Love & Light. Freya is the enchantment of Self Love and Hecate is the great goddess of the liminal, a wayshower and lightbearer of our Purpose.

We are all so magic. 

This month, where the “vail is so thin (Is this getting old yet?)”, we are able to tap into deeper intuition, deeper connection with our Higher Selves, Higher Power, ascended masters, and, quite specifically, our Spirit Tribe. Our deceased loved ones and ancestors are so close during the Halloween & Samhain season. It’s no wonder the nostalgia of this time of year can be indescribably breathtaking!

And, in that same loss of breath, this is the season of grief. In this gorgeous Metal Season, if imbalanced, we unnecessarily hang onto our grief. Ashley Di and I spent a gorgeous weekend together at the “Moving Through Grief Retreat.” We curated and designed a video library of support that we are excited to be able to share with our communities. Grief often shows up in many forms, and creates passage in our lives. Whether we move or stay embedded is part of the journey. Where are you? 

Keep an eye out for this personalized “Moving Through Grief Retreat” online & prerecorded Retreat, complete with integration steps and support along the way!

What a gorgeous life it is when we celebrate, nurture, and support each other’s journey. Thank you for being a part of my community, it is an honor to be in yours! 


The Veil, Freya, & Self Love YouTube Conversation

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