Spring Blessings

It has been such a long and transformational hermit season. What have you been cultivating??

This winter has been a period of deep reflection for me. It seemed that the work I had been doing last year around authenticity and sovereignty dug its precious little heels right into my soul. As requested, from my Higher Self and Source, I have been confronted with many pieces that were NOT in alignment with me, not in alignment with my purpose, and, quite frankly, just not part of who I am any longer.


If we want to step forward on the path towards Self and Divine Purpose, it’s important to release and make space. Releasing is hard work. The nostalgia and comfort of who we used to be is hard to let go of. The expectation from the world to SEE the old version of us, is very hard to let go of. It may feel like we are letting the world down. The funny thing is, the only way we can be of service to the World is to continue to unravel towards our Divine Purpose, to understanding our “Piece of the Divine”

Each release is so much louder than the last but the transformation is that much more magical. And this beautiful Earthly community needs so much love and nurturing right now! 


We are so excited to announce our release of the

Wild Mannered Video Series

This series celebrates the different ways everyday members of our Earth community are doing everyday things to step into service and purpose ~ and by dong so, by listening to the call of their Higher Self, the small everyday effort becomes the extraordinary magick of grounding light and love into Mama Earth. 

An introduction and premiere video with AnneMarie Moorer have been released this evening! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you know when each episode is released! 

We are so excited to present these stories! Let us know what you think or if someone you know is bringing beauty and light and might like to be a part of this!

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