This week’s release on the Wild Mannered Series is a conversation with Spiritual Guide and Teacher, my friend, Rev. Dr. Tracey L Ulshafer. Tracey’s everyday mission, for the past twenty years of service, is to seek truth and be a wayshower and guide for those seeking spiritual health, healing, and a little bit of laughter along the way. 

This week Tracey and I discuss Connection with our Earth Tribe through traveling to new lands, tending our own lands, and celebrating our oneness by championing the education of diversity. 

Part of our global healing, has been the heightened awareness of how many of our beloved Earth Tribe members experience appropriate rights and dignities, or the lack thereof. Travel, connection, and gnosis expansion help keep the light shining on those pieces of our humanity that we may be angry about, ashamed of, ignore, or… put us in a state of discomfort.  

In the spirit of staying put, the philosophies that resonate as today’s truth, in my scared heart, are those that champion the work of the inner world to heal the outer world. Perhaps the path towards balance and equanimity is first through self healing. Through a courageous and deep personal inventory, I shine light on the parts of me that I hide from. I also shine light on the part of me I am proud of and empowered by. The compassion to honor the whole of my truth, my history, my lineage, and my story allows me the compassion to witness my Earth Tribe through a more loving lens. 

How we do one thing is how we do everything (The Spiral philosophy)


 We have been celebrating the journey to Self all year long in the

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This April we are celebrating a “Return to Our Roots: Tribal Earth Ascension.”
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