Seeking & Available for Beauty

Wild Mannered Release
A Conversation with Theresa Brown

This week’s release on the Wild Mannered Series is a conversation with my beautiful friend and spiritual journey companion, Theresa Brown…

“People are drawn to each other.. and there is always a reason. My mission is to bring more happiness into other people’s lives, and maybe even lighten their emotional load. All healing occurs when we are each ready to accept and surrender and my wish is to guide you on your healing journey.” – Theresa

Join us for a conversation that displays the beauty and nurturing of life, when you are available and seeking for it. 

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Our oneness and our sovereignty show up when we are available for it and when we seek it. The Collective, the Divine Feminine, The One, is in all things and is all things.

 We have been celebrating the journey to Self all year long in the

Soul Magic Garden Yoga, Meditation & Spirit Community.

This April we are celebrating a “Return to Our Roots: Tribal Earth Ascension.”
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Much Love Always xo – Beth 

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