Ancestral Healing & The Willow Moon

Blessed Willow Moon Evening!

Connecting to our Roots is about connection to each other. Some times, it’s not just about grounding into the Earth, but grounding into our hearts, the infinite space. The watery depths of the Willow Moon, in Scorpio, moves us deep into our lineage and ancestral wounds. It is an opportunity to bravely witness ourselves and our stories, in perfect love, and sit with our deepest griefs. Grief, the demon of the heart, is a powerful message from our bodies of old stories that still need to be experienced, embraced, and embodied. It is through this embodiment, the moving of grief from hidden caverns and into the light of the present moment, that we expand a giant leap closer to full remembrance of our majestic higher self, closer to the remembrance that we are all a majestic one.

In the Soul Magic Garden, we are celebrating Tribal Earth Ascension: the celebration of self, each other, our stories, and our Oneness.

We Choose Our Lives.

It can be conscious and intentional, but even when it is not, we are choosing our lives.

The good news is – we are always right.

This weeks wild mannered release is a conversation with my mother, Barbara Rippert. We are divine first, we choose the staples of our human journey before we arrive. We then choose, in each breath, in every moment, how we embody and embrace our Earthly experience

We are always Creating

We are always Choosing

Barbara, a constant seeker of evolution, finds her latest spiritual path in the journey of Yoga. It was in the Yoga Sutras that Barbara found that undeniable resonating spark, a remembrance of her own deep, hidden Divine truths.

Looking back on the enormity of the journey, it is not always so simple to witness the beauty of its perfection. It is often a lifetime of work to celebrate all our choices, to embody self-responsibility for the journey, and, at that, to love ourselves, entirely and exhaustively. Barbara is reminded of this right, of these truths, through her yogic journey.

Her light messages:

“I chose the life that I have.”

“Whenever I set my mind to one thing, I achieve it. Always.”

“If we are still here, we still have purpose.”

It is especially profound to challenge the perspective of culturally defined conditioning, especially in the defined roles of Mother/Daughter.

It is through a rare lens that I witness my mother, the soul I chose to be my guiding light in this human experience, as an evolutionary, radical, and sovereign light, who celebrates all the parts of her life and is, thereby, a way shower of celebrating all life.

There is a guide on this journey; seeking your guide may merely be a moment, or moments, of sitting close to your resonance and truth. I meet the guide and as my Divine Spirit, both Sovereign and part of the One, “being” within the chambers of my heart, embracing experiences, lessons, and blessings.

When looking back on my life, often the emotions of “regret”, “grief”, or “less than” rear their pretty little messages into my conscious thoughts. In this moment, I choose to remember the phrase, “Perfect Time, Perfect Place.” I remind myself that my journey is exactly what it is meant to be. Knowing that my journey, our journeys, are not just unique but “radically idiosyncratic” guides me to expand through these emotions, embody these emotions, sink into them, love them, learn from them. It’s a facility of relish within the discomfort of change, of growth, towards my own radical empowerment and sovereign creator.


Much Love Always xo – Beth 

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