Beltane: Wild & Free

Deepening the release of my busy mind, logic, and rules to embrace, wholeheartedly, this Divine celebration of Love. Beltane is a moment when all the world is pregnant and in the embodiment of wild pleasure, a fiery celebration of passion and love. Though this certainly includes sexual love and romantic passion, the resonance of Beltane is a far grander energy of being in the throes of creation, following our intuitive pleasures, and peaking into our authentic passions. It is about the broader context of love, explosive, expansive, without limits, without bounds, without rules.

We are miracles.

Today I embody my miracle in the Beltane energy of my youthful lust and passion for being alive.


Answering the call of the Willow Moon to release deeply held ancestral falsities, I am stepping into this Beltane season with a lighter and wilder spirit. From the “Conversation with Barbara Rippert – ‘I Choose This Life’” release on my Free YouTube channel, one of my gorgeous Grandmother’s final sentiments to my mother was, “It didn’t have to be this hard.”

I felt that with everything I am.

“It Didn’t Have to be This Hard”

It does not have to be hard. We choose our Lives. We manifest our reality.

This week’s release is a glimpse into my Inner Child Playdate at One Yoga Wellness and Metaphysical Center. While there creating some gorgeous content with the expansive Dr. Tracey L Ulshafer, I took the liberty of letting my inner child rummage through all her metaphysical things. This is just a small bit of what I got into.

Inner Child PlayDate

This month in the Soul Magic Garden we are celebrating Sacral Fire! 

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Much Love Always xo – Beth 

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