Flower Moon Blessings

Sacral Fire

All month long, in the Soul Magic Garden Yoga, Meditation, and Spirit Community, we have been tapping into our Sacral Fire. We are releasing our perceived expectations of the external world to shift towards intentionally creating, remembering, or stepping into our own authentic purpose and pleasure. We kicked this month off by simply embracing our youthful lust and passion for being alive. We moved deeper into a connection with our own Sacral Wisdom, our raw creative truths. As we better remember ourselves, we moved towards taking act on truth, passion, and purpose, courageously choosing Sacral Truth over perceived distortions… It’s a practice, that’s for sure! 

This Flower Moon is a time to Blossom, and to blossom is to be so courageous. Every breath taken in the intentional choice of purpose, pleasure, love, and joy should be honored and celebrated. 

We are miracles.

Check out this Soul Magic Garden Video on how to tie the beauty of this Full Moon into your magical space.

Much Love and Blessings to All 
In Sovereignty & Community 
We Are One
xo Beth

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