The Spiral Re-Launch

Of my spiritual trajectory, the inclusion of the International, comprehensive, emotional clearing modality, “The Spiral,” has been exponentially transformational. I credit this specific modality with finding my self worth, releasing false identities, and healing me from living a life according to external ‘decisions for me’ and ‘judgements of me,’ restoring my innate empowerment to live the life that I choose.

The Spiral modality and philosophy makes it possible for me to see my life through a clearer and healthier lens, every day. It is a modality of never looking back, even if I wanted to. I have been able to dig deep into story, narratives, rules, and identities to decipher what is truly mine and what is an external falsehood. It was a courageous choice to step into high level spiritual work and even more courageous to move through it. The momentum and frequency, of my journey, since The Spiral, is momentous.

I wish I had known about the Spiral sooner.

This month, I am excited to relaunch the Spiral, at Beth Barling Wellness, with a few exclusive spots available at special enrollment.

Click Here to Learn about The Spiral

Vulnerability, Authenticity, Magick.

Much Love and Blessings to All 
In Sovereignty & Community 
We Are One
xo Beth

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