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This time of year has always been such an immense duality for me. The beauty of the holidays, fall leaves, snow, twinkle lights, connection, and loved ones contrasted by the heaviness of our darkest and coldest days, as well as, for me, some deep personal tragedies and losses. 

In previous years, I would ignore the pieces of the season that brought up emotions I’d prefer to ignore, filling the space with old habits and perseverating over things that do not really matter. This year, instead of staggering into self-sabotage, I witnessed myself falling back into these patterns. Through years of personal work, especially, in the embodying the truth of my sovereign divinity, and through The Spiral and Emotional Clearing, I was able to be the witness of my conditions, allowing me the choice to make intentional change in my life.

This year, I sat with the duality of profound grief taking up space in the beautiful and joyful life around me. 

Self-awareness is a journey through self-responsibility. The most visceral awareness of my journey this past month has been the expansiveness of how I embody Love. 

When you love the few, so fully and deeply, as if nothing in the world could stop your love, I believe this is a glimpse of pure Divinity and pure Oneness, or All-That-Is. Perhaps only a handful of times in this life do we love so fully and completely. Perhaps we love those that swivel their way through, or of, our human conditioning, patterns, expectations, (whatever word resonates with our personal veil) and we through their’s so that the pureness of our inner lights touch.

It is a fragile majesty to hold on to the divine all-that-is of those moments in this human journey of experience and expansion. There are so many ways, internal, external, karmic, chosen, that we’ve cultivated to hinder (or strive for?) that purity. 

What if the pain associated with losing that divine moment of all-that-is is simply the lesson in front of us? Perhaps each piece of the human journey that separates us from that moment of bliss is the work that needs to be felt, acknowledged, moved through, and cleared or released? 

That is the work, I believe, to honor the bliss of these moments, without the conditioning of fear or loss to understand what is impermanent and what simply is. Love.

What a gift, then, is the illusion of the duality? It is through the impermanence of fear, loss, and grief that we may embody all-that-is without interference.

I wish you a beautiful holiday season of all-that-is. Personal work, healing, travel, and the beautiful celebration and embodiment of the Feminine have been some of the greatest gifts of this life to help me reconnect with faith: faith in the Divine, faith in our oneness, but especially faith in myself. 

The light in me honors the light in you

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