American Witch Tour Open Ritual

For the Spiritual Seeker to the Seasoned Practitioner

All Are Welcome Here, in Self-Reflection, with Honest Intention, honoring the Sacred Sovereignty of all in ritual space.

Benefits of Ritual

  • Connecting with Nature and the Elements
  • Presence
  • Aligned Community Building
  • Empowerment
  • Enacting Intention
  • Focus on Steps to Manifest
  • Gratitude
  • Mindfulness
  • Connection to Spirit & the Divine
  • Enacting Experience instead of Reacting
  • Self Awareness, Exploration, and Discovery
  • Broaden Perspective and Experience
  • Communication with Heart Space Truths & Authenticity
  • Intentional Practice of Vulnerability and Faith

What to Expect

Surrounded and nurtured by like minded community, we will embrace our collective empowerment to find our unique, authentic, and vulnerable voices, celebrating what makes us different and alike.

Each circle is facilitated by American Witch Tour Co-Creators and High Priestesses Beth Barling, Stephanie Schafer, or a trusted and ordained guest priestess from our American Witch Tour community.

The content is educational, spiritual, and in alignment with the season, wheel of the year, moon cycle, and community intentions. Each circle presents an opportunity for equal parts personal growth and service to the community.

We will reach out via community email, within a few days of open circle, to give you location, parking, and to convey any necessary preparations. All circles are in the South Jersey area. 

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$20 Standard / $10 Resilient / $30 Community Support: Donations Support Cakes, Ale, Gifts, Tools, & Facilitation

2023 Rituals are on the third Monday of the month starting at 8pm

Facilitated by Beth Barling

Facilitated by Jennifer Scott Roth

Facilitated by Anne Marie Moorer

Facilitated by Stephanie Schafer

Facilitated by Morgan

Facilitated by Beth Barling

Facilitated by Arianna

Facilitated by Stephanie Schafer

2023 Community Outreach

As part of the American’ Witch Tour’s initiative to give back to community this year, monthly open circles will be a drop off spot for both

Viola’s Place: A domestic violence shelter for women and children

Home for the Brave: transitional housing for homeless veterans

Please bring lightly used clothing, shoes, or bedding supplies, or new toiletries or canned goods for donations.

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Open Spaces

Beth Barling

Open Spaces

Stephanie Schafer

The American Witch Tour Mission

The American Witch Tour is a vulnerable observation of the human journey throughout a rich and diverse American location and experience.

The Witch is birthed of necessity, calling forth the sovereign and empowered individual from societal oppression and distorted perceptions of one’s purpose.

The Witch navigates both light and dark. When darkness creeps in, The Witch meets us there and reminds us to light the candle.

Our intention is to create space for ALL to gather as one and explore alternate ways to connect with the divine, one’s self, and the energy around you 

We celebrate the infinite individual and the power of oneness with community.

All who seek transformation through Self-Responsibility, Personal Reflection, Re-Education, all while allowing others to do the same, are welcome here.

Co-Creation by Beth Barling & Stephanie Schafer

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