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“Our intention is expansion and empowerment through witnessing and embodying our most Magickal Selves in the reflective experience of the profound potency of a diverse, sacred, and sovereign human community.” Beth Barling

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Samhain Day Retreat

October 21st, 2023

The Landenberg Loft, Landenberg, PA

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Summer 2024

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Who Are Retreats For?

Our retreats are perfect for those seeking the Inward Journey.

Embodiment, Expression, Expansion, and Empowerment.

Retreats are an opportunity to step away from the indoctrination and domestication of everyday life, to examine, study, nourish, and reclaim Self. Retreats give us space and time to rest, replenish, experience, shift, and shine with “intention.”

We believe your intention is incredibly powerful. Whether your intention is conscious or unconscious, it is creating your life. A retreat reminds us of the power of our chosen intentions. 

Whether you are looking for inspiration, relaxation, community, laughter, solitude, tears and healing, purpose or pleasure, our retreats are intentional in theme but crafted for experiential autonomy, self-resourcing, and sovereignty. It is our sacred pleasure to witness our community invoke their most potent magick and ignite their highest human experience and potential.

When transformations are self-initiated, there is no turning back.

The Witch and The Priestess Mission

The Witch is birthed of necessity, calling forth the sovereign and empowered individual from societal oppression and distorted perceptions of one’s purpose.

The Witch navigates both light and dark. When darkness creeps in, The Witch meets us there and reminds us to light the candle.

Our intention is to create space for ALL to gather as one and explore alternate ways to connect with the divine, one’s self, and the energy around you 

We celebrate the infinite individual and the power of oneness with community.

All who seek transformation through Self-Responsibility, Personal Reflection, Re-Education, all while allowing others to do the same, are welcome here.

A Magickal Venture by Beth Barling Wellness, LLC and Stephanie Schafer, LLC

1428 Kings Highway, Suite 201 & 202, Swedesboro, NJ 08085

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What Our Guests are Saying!

This retreat came to me exactly when I needed it. It was an amazing opportunity to gather and reflect with powerful women, and I found growth within myself that I was unaware was possible. It was clear there was love infused into every moment, from our gatherings in the sunroom, to morning breakfast in the dining room, to welcome packets left on our beds the moment we arrived. Steph and Beth were fabulous hosts who seemed to adjust at a moment’s notice. They are fountains of information, and have the awesome abilities to educate and stimulate discussions that drew all of us together. I felt a shift in myself after the retreat, it was definitely a hard reset for myself that has given me tools to enhance my self care in my day to day routines. I highly recommend anyone to attend any future retreats for a chance to learn, engage, and reflect this magical knowledge that Steph and Beth have provided for

Ariana C, Salem Retreat, March 2022

A huge thank you to our amazing hosts this last weekend! I am grateful for the knowledge you shared and appreciate all the time you put into creating this wonderful retreat. I feel fresh and energized as a result of your guiding me in releasing emotions and practicing more flow. I look forward to future retreats with this entire community. Blessed be!

Susan D, Emotional Wellness Retreat, Cape May Water Magick, January 2023

Perfect time. Perfect form. These are words I try to live by. In addition, they are the perfect description of the Salem retreat hosted by Beth Barling and Stephanie Schafer. I set off on this retreat stepping out of my comfort zone to share this experience with new people. Community. Such a simple word but one I have only recently began to truly understand. It was more than obvious this trip was planned with methodic detail, intention and love. The passion, knowledge and strength of our hosts was more than evident as the days unfolded. This trip was a catalyst for some deep inner work I had so desperately been needing. What I witnessed in myself, as well as others, was women stepping into a space with intention, vulnerability and a commitment to support one another through the process. 

Anne Marie M., Salem Retreat, March 2022

Thank you Beth for the beautiful mountain retreat and for all of your wisdom.

Donna H, Blue Ridge Mountain Retreat, October 2022

I’m so grateful I went on this retreat this past weekend, I feel more alive and not so heavy and ready to start living more fully. You thought of everything!

Liz D, Emotional Wellness Retreat, Cape May Water Magick, January 2023

Absolutely fell in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Asheville this week. Thank you Beth and Stephanie for holding an incredibly inspiring, soul nourishing, educational, and grounding retreat. Exploring the land, learning about the Cherokee, connecting with nature, shopping in eclectic witchy shops, sitting around the fire listening to folklore, learning more about ourselves and our divinity, feeling held in sisterhood and love. I am returning home with a sense of immense gratitude and inspiration. The mountains are truly my church.

Jenn R, Blue Ridge Mountain Retreat, October 2022

Still processing and integrating the wealth of information delivered by Beth and Stephanie on our gorgeous Smoky Mountain retreat. The energy of this land combined with the space these two beauties created for 5 of us this past weekend was nothing short of gorgeous. There is something to be said for community and people coming together for a common goal. In gathering with like minded individuals, we are offered mirrors of ourselves to explore, honor & love a bit deeper. The relations created and strengthened in doing so are simply precious. With a grateful heart I offer many thanks to all who were present on this retreat. May we all continue to learn, support and honor each other! Amen, A’ho and So it

Anne Marie, Blue Ridge Mountain Retreat, October 2022

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