The Witch and The Priestess Mission

The Witch is birthed of necessity, calling forth the sovereign and empowered individual from societal oppression and distorted perceptions of one’s purpose.

The Witch navigates both light and dark. When darkness creeps in, The Witch meets us there and reminds us to light the candle.

Our intention is to create space for ALL to gather as one and explore alternate ways to connect with the divine, one’s self, and the energy around you 

We celebrate the infinite individual and the power of oneness with community.

All who seek transformation through Self-Responsibility, Personal Reflection, Re-Education, all while allowing others to do the same, are welcome here.

A Magickal Venture by Beth Barling Wellness, LLC and Stephanie Schafer, LLC

1428 Kings Highway, Suite 201 & 202, Swedesboro, NJ 08085

Open Ritual

For the Spiritual Seeker to the Seasoned Practitioner

All Are Welcome Here, in Self-Reflection, with Honest Intention, honoring the Sacred Sovereignty of all in ritual space.

American Witch Tour Retreats

Whether you are looking for inspiration, relaxation, community, laughter, solitude, tears and healing, purpose or pleasure, our retreats are intentional in theme but crafted for experiential autonomy, self-resourcing, and sovereignty. It is our sacred pleasure to witness our community invoke their most potent magick and ignite their highest human experience and potential.

“Our intention is expansion and empowerment through witnessing and embodying our most Magickal Selves in the reflective experience of the profound potency of a diverse, sacred, and sovereign human community.” Beth Barling

The Witch’s Hearth

Join Beth Barling, Stephanie Schafer, and international esoteric, religious, and spiritual practitioners at The Witch’s Hearth. Interviews, round table discussions, and demonstrations at The Hearth intentionally support the remembrance of our unique, sovereign, empowered selves and our collective oneness with each other and nature.

Episode Premieres Sunday 6:30pm EST, Available on demand this week!

2024 Open Ritual Schedule, 2024 Retreats, & new Media Project launching this Fall!

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Meet Your Hosts

Open Spaces

Beth Barling

Meet High Priestess Beth Barling at the Hearth

Come see High Priestess Stephanie Schafer interview Beth Barling on

The Witch’s Hearth

Open Spaces

Stephanie Schafer

Meet High Priestess Stephanie Schafer at The Hearth

Come see High Priestess Beth Barling interview Stephanie Schafer on

The Witch’s Hearth

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