Amore Italian Retreat

In April 2020, Tracey Ulschafer, a group of beautiful women, and I were just making the final travel arrangements for our Amore Italian Retreat to Naples & Positano, Italy. Our beautiful Earth had different plans!

The beauty, mystery, and warmth of Naples and the Amalfi coast is nestled deep within me. We are holding the intention of returning to Italy, soon.

Date TBD

Staying in the energy of Perfect Love, Perfect Trust, and Perfect Abundance as our world heals, rebuilds, and we may roam freely together.

My recent visit to this coastal paradise was too beautiful not to share! Come join Tracey Ulshafer and I for an unforgettable yogic experience in Naples and Positano, Italy. Celebrate and experience lush scenery, healing waters, indescribable food, the enchantment of old world history, the dawn of Christianity, the height of the Greco-Roman empire, the undeniable impact of Nature Spirituality, and ancient familial love and magic still breathing life in these world renowned landscapes. 

I am grateful to co-host with my friend and yogic mentor, Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer, of Sacred Journeys by One Yoga Center. Tracey has been offering international yoga retreats since 2015. 

Original Itinerary…

Day 1: Arrive in Naples, Meet/Greet & Dinner
Day 2: Naples Tour
Day 3: Depart for Positano, visit Pompeii
Day 4: Yoga & Walking Tour
Day 5: Yoga & the Beach
Day 6: Archangel Michael’s Cave
Day 7: “Open Day”
Day 8: Yoga & Capri
Day 9: Depart for Naples, Closing circle
Day 10: Depart for home

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Tracey and I

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