Angels & Energy Experience

Soul Clearing & Higher Realm Attunement

The Angels & Energy Experience is a 45 or 90 minute channelled session, intuitively cultivated, for you, working to connect you with your Angels, Spirit Tribe, Guides, Ascended Masters, and Your Beautiful & Divine Energy.

Angels & Energy Experience is a Toolkit for your Ascension Journey.

We start by laying Sacred Space and Trust, cultivating protection and serenity, which allows for the most vulnerable and open experience. With your permission, I’ll tap into your energy, and intuitively cultivate our session. Experiences often combine multiple modalities, including Mediumship, Angel & Oracle Cards, Breath Work, and feeling into all available claire’s and channels.

As a child, we are keenly aware of both light and dark energies around us. Imagination and dreams convey amazing stories of other worlds and other timelines. Over time, dreams and awareness diminish under life, social, and hierarchical conditioning. Eventually, we bury our Divine Connection under layers of external conditioning, deeper and deeper with each generation.

My intention for each Angels & Energy experience is to create safe space for exploration, connection, and activations to remind you of your own perfectly divine channel and nature. We are each Divine, and, as such, our connection is simply to remember. We are already our Purpose, our Sovereignty, Perfect Love, and the Limitless Magnificence of our Divine Self.

Celebrate Your Humanity & Celebrate Your Divinity

Spirit knows when it’s time to Wake Up. What you Seek is Seeking You.

Devoutly Practiced & Professionally Mentored, since 2010, in Safely Embracing and Enhancing my Personal Brand of Connection to Higher Realm Energies, Angels and Ascended Masters, as well as Spirit.

The Dark knows who the Light is before the Light knows who They are.” – Colleen St. Michael’s

We travel. We channel. We see. We know. We hear. We create. We are One. We are Magic.

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