Divine Energy Renewal

Divine Energy Renewal Experience

60 minute energy healing session, intuitively cultivated, using Reiki, Crystals, Angelic Channeling, and European Shamanic principles.

In a Sacred Space of Trust, Protection, and Serenity, we initiate a safe and vulnerable energetic awareness.

Starting with Reiki, a gentle and non-invasive “hands on” healing modality, energy flows freely from the Divine, through the practitioner, into the recipient. This is a massage of the Energy Body, using divine, unconditional love, to release knots, blockages, and stagnancies to allow fresh energy to course through the body.

As the session progresses, unconfined energy and our intention sanction a deeper connection to our Higher Selves, Angels, Spirit Tribe, Guides, or Ascended Masters. In this space of receiving, Reiki and European Shamanic principles are used to clarify, heal, transmute, and activate your Energy Body, towards health and wholeness of your entire being.

These links will take you to schedule your first session!

Provides Stress Reduction

Balances Emotions

Releases Energetic stagnancies that affect the Physical Body

Aid the Body’s natural healing process

Mental Clarity & Calmness

Energy Renewal

Promote Awareness

Cultivate Deep & Lasting Peace

Enhances Spiritual Practice & Connection

Grounding & Centering

My intention for each Angels & Energy experience is to create safe space for exploration, connection, and activations to remind you of your own perfectly divine channel and nature. We are each Divine, and, as such, our connection is simply to remember. We are already our Purpose, our Sovereignty, Perfect Love, and the Limitless Magnificence of our Divine Self.

Devoutly Practiced & Professionally Mentored, since 2010, in Safely Embracing and Enhancing my Personal Brand of Connection to Higher Realm Energies, Angels and Ascended Masters, as well as Spirit. European Shamanic Training since 2020.

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