Beltane Blessings & Greetings from Mt Shasta

It’s Beltane and I am sitting at a Labyrinth of the Divine Feminine in Mt. Shasta, California.

I’m in my own self observed liminal energy; in between stepping away from family and friends but just before our beautiful spirit seeking retreatants make their way to join us. A space where I can be alone with the elements, in the divine nature of the Mountain.

I am incredibly grateful to embody this beautiful moment. There is a singular objective: to go within, to linger, and to love my perfect divine self emanating and dancing through the gift of a human experience.

The intentions and prayers I set before coming here have already materialized during the journey it took to get me here from New Jersey.

With self responsibility, self compassion, and incredible love for all that is sacred around me (All That Is), I find the courage to make the changes my sweet Heart Chakra Temple has been guiding (begging) me to take.

The feeling shifts from ominous and scary to a beautiful call of the wild possibility and delirious passion to blaze in this life as bright as the Sun.

My Sun.

Within that blaze, releasing old baggage, old stories, projects, relationships, and perspectives simply become the next step in the Labyrinth of me.

Each release feels like a tiny “unplug” that releases an eruption of light, bringing newness and possibility that precious human story cannot begin to comprehend.

But my darling Heart, She knows.

I cannot wait to see what unfolds at our Mt Shasta Retreat this week.

Beltane Blessings Beloveds.

Burn It All Down.

Show me your fucking Soul.

I want to be blinded and overwhelmed by the untamed and wild lights erupting free.

I love you.

I am incredibly grateful and have so much love for the Sophia Code & Kaia Ra. This divine codex immediately and continues to create the space my Sovereign Divinity needed to create spontaneous miracles. Miracles in my human journey and miracles in my ascension.

I am incredibly grateful for The Spiral Philosophy and Modality that opened me up, like an ever blossoming lotus, spiraling the layers of my not-self to ebb and flow away. I am more of myself and there’s more of me to come.

On Sunday May 22nd I am hosting another Self Clearing Workshop, as taught to me by the Spiral Community. Join me or register for the replay.

On Tuesday May 24th, we begin a new sacred Sophia Circle Journey together. This is a bi-weekly virtual journey. Join us.

October 5th through 9th, the The American Witch Tour is journeying to the Blue Ridge Mountains together. AWT is a sacred community curated by my magical sister Stephanie Schafer and I. Our collective intention is to set your empowerment journey ablaze through consistent and expansive self love and the dissolution of stereotypes and false hierarchies that would make us think we are unworthy or separate from one another. All are Welcome Here.

Public Ritual:

Cheers to Our Magick
Cheers to our Empowerment

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