Celebrating the Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox is one of two days of the year where the day and night are equal length. I wish you harmony and balance this Autumn season!

The night and day, seemingly opposite, exist together in harmony. One cannot exist without the other. How can we know the light if we haven’t been in the dark? How can we find the cool depths of darkness if we have never seen the light. In a time of seeming polarity and duality, the equinox always reminds me that the balance of night and day, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, luxury and effort, create a wholeness that cannot be experienced otherwise.

Celebrate each other. Celebrate our own harmony, and the harmony within others. The seeming duality of the world is what creates the richness of experience. I heard someone say this week, “We can both be good people and disagree.” and I loved that.

Celebrate within to Celebrate without
All my unconditional love to your whole self xo

Soul Magic Garden
This week in the Soul Magic Garden, Magical Goddess AnneMarie & I present yoga, meditation, and spiritual content to support our theme “Harvest Truth.” Come celebrate the Harvest season with us as we harvest and embody the healing and upleveling we created over this past cathartic year.
The Garden Gate is Open. Join us as a member or On Demand! On Demand Selections and purchase Links below!
Online Yoga & Body Movement, Breath Work, Meditation, and Spirituality.
Monthly Memberships andOn Demand Available
Soul Magic Garden On Demand!
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Energy Exchange $10 each or all four for $35
Soul Magic Garden Membership
September in the Soul Magic Garden”Sovereignty”All month long, we are focusing on Sovereignty in the Soul Magic Garden. Weekly Themes

August 31st – September 6th: Releasing the Inner Tyrant
September 7th – September 13th: Effort-Less
September 14th – 20th: Reclaim Your Power
September 21st – 27th: Harvest Truth
September 38th – October 4th: Sovereignty & Surrender

All Are Welcome Here!

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Live Series
Our Live Series kicked off this week with an amazing FREE Authenticity Mastermind Class. What an amazing opportunity for Ashley & I to share some philosophies and tools to aid in this transformative awakening!
If you missed us live, you can catch the replay on my YouTube page or requst access to our private Facebook group with supportive materials to engage you after you watch the Masterclass.
Masterclass on YouTube
Authenticity Masterclass Facebook Group
Revolutionist Ashley Di & I created the Live Series, One Masterclass + Three Retreats, to celebrate Community. We have spent so much time apart, it’s time to bring our authentic selves back together and co-create wholeness around us, in whatever form that takes. Detailed retreat information available soon! All engagements in the Live Series are crafted to be as accessible as possible. All are welcome.

Save The Date!
Moving Through Grief ~ October 17th & 18th
Transformation ~ November 21st & 22nd
Light ~ December 12th & 13th
$175 Virtual/ $200 In Person in our Socially Distanced Space

All of my unconditional love to your whole self
xo – Beth

Events & Retreats
Release the shackles of who you are told to be and step into the Truth of who you are

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