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Travel is one of the pieces I’ve missed the most during the world wide pause. Whether it’s a road trip to nowhere or a highly structured tour of an ancient city, travel is one of those pieces that brings us together as a global community. Travel is always, for me, about meeting new people, seeing what they eat, what they wear, what they do, how they experience life. With every step out the door and into the external world, there is an opportunity to witness and to expand.

I have made a few trips to New York City recently, meeting my brilliant co-creator of Thrive, Michelle Adams, to connect and prepare holistic healing opportunities. The first trip to New York felt “desolate”. I entered the city, blindly hopeful for the old new York, but, realistically, how could she be? The loss and sadness of the city was palpable. Long standing businesses were closed for good, street vendors were bored, and the streets were quiet. This was too soon to step into a city still healing from so many transformations. The people, though, the vendors, servers, and shopkeepers, wore brave faces, as expected. When engaged, they were grateful and as hopeful.

With each trip back, the city felt more alive, more hopeful, and more transformed. There is such beauty in the resilience and bravery of humanity. As we heal and grow, I am more excited than ever to step back into the embrace of the world community.

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