Effortless Living

Effortless living is about being in alignment. It’s about stepping on the path of Self and knowing you’re. on the right path.

Living effortlessly & authentically is gorgeous journey of discovery and rediscover. As I unwind from the shelter of months of internal work, I am claiming a path of Divine Sovereignty & Joy.

I am so excited to announce the upcoming opening of my healing space in Sewell, NJ. We are still pulling all the pieces together but the space is beautiful and the opulence of new beginning and rediscovery is palpable. I look forward to sharing this sacred space with you!

This Week!

Sunday, September 13th, 10 AM est

Source Revolution, Sexologist, and fellow Spiral Practitioner Ashley Di and I merged an effortless energy to co-create a Four Part Supportive and Nurturing Journey, The “Live” Series, to empower and embolden our community, safely, within the paradigms of Universal Love and Universal Compassion.

The Live Series is One Free Masterclass + Three Mini Retreat opportunities to safely gather together, or from the comfort of your home via Zoom. Our intention is to facilitate and cultivate wholeness, tranquility, and sovereignty within the Chaos.

Click Here or See below for details.

This week in the Soul Magic Garden, AnneMarie & I present yoga, meditation, and spiritual content to support our theme “Effortless.” Our On Demand sampling includes  a Mercury retrograde Energy Report for this week, a 20 Minute Meditation “Divine Love Towards Fluidity”, two full length yoga classes to facilitate your Effortless pleasure.

The Garden Gate is Open. Join us as a member or On Demand!

Click Here for Soul Magic Garden or See below for details.

Cheers to Effortlessly and Authentical Living!

Celebrate within in order to Celebrate without.

All of my unconditional love to your whole self
xo – Beth

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