Equinox Greetings

Expansion, Embodiment & The Sophia Code™

Autumn Blessings

This is an incredible time of year. It is, in fact, my favorite time of year. The coming Autumn Equinox is a time of balance, light and dark, masculine and feminine, an equitable greeting of our beautiful third dimensional dualities. This is the second harvest of Mama Earth’s cycle in the North, a time to reap the fruit of our physical labors, as a community. It is also a powerful energy to rest, witness, and reap the abundance of life through the death of old narratives that dim our light and stunt our expansion.

I have been having so much trouble putting my energy into written words the last few weeks (perhaps months). There are so many things to address that it feels overwhelming to decide what piece of my purpose needs to show up.

I actually have a lot to say.

When I sit with this, I find that I feel blocked to speak my truth, in an arena of such loud, polarized, and passionate truths. To the human community that I love, I am hiding some part of my vulnerable and authentic self, in fear that I’ll hurt someone, I’ll be attacked, I’ll lose or embarrass my family, I’ll be ridiculed, I’ll be cast out.

To effectively reap the abundance of our own expansion, purpose, and heart felt truth, it is time to let this version of fear die.

“How will life be different when you can feel the fear and do it anyway?” – The Spiral Level 2

Has there ever been a more important time for our explosive power to actualize?

The abundance of this summer, for me, was a conscious and intentional reconnection with humanity through travel and community. What a sweet and practiced gift it is to feel the divnity of another while sharing an energetic space.

Often, I am with people, people who have different opinions from me, different cultures, backgrounds, life stories and experiences. It could be affronting. It could be challenging to experience.

It could be a miraculous gift of pure embodied expansion.

It can be all things.

Perhaps that’s the gift of duality. Magnetizing the polarity to us so we can assimilate through the veil towards the remembrance of the miracle we already are. The miracle we ALL already are.

In the presence of every human, their impassioned energy, fight, stories, lies an infinite core of pure divine love. I believe that.

We may not always agree, we may not even be close to understanding our own truth yet, or we may be arguing the same story in different languages.

But, the passion! I perceive that as Love. I receive that as all our Highest, Sovereign, Divine Selves stirring and reaching out into the physical world.

Perhaps the perception of division is really the miracle of the community to seek out truth through the mirror of one another, through and of our duality.

Show me your fucking soul.

Embody Your Sovereignty

The conscious journey to embody the miracle we are has many gateways of expansion.

n alignment with the Equinox, some of my deepest spiritual expansions have been through the deep, dark, and hard witness of the imbalanced, overbearing, toxic Patriarchy and the slandered and abused Feminine.

This is not about women versus men.

This is about the perversion of what it we’ve been told it means to be a categorized and complacent human versus embracing the fullness of our humanity, in our Sovereignty, our Community, our Divinity, and our Oneness.

This is not just “woo culture.” This division, manipulation, perversion, and preservation of the corrupt hierarchal elitists is an obvious and glaring piece of what I witness in my religion and philosophical studies in the collegiate setting.

Awareness is always just there, if one is courageous enough to see.

The Sophia Code

As I moved through one of my theses, “God the Mother,” I was blown away by the feminist, womanist, and traditional scholars who had devoted their lives to Divine Feminine, or Sophia philosophy, of Abrahamic lineage.

Then I found The Sophia Code: A Living Transmission from The Sophia Dragon Tribe™, by Kaia Ra.

It’s hard to describe how pivotal The Sophia Code™ was for me in my spiritual trajectory. If I use Kaia Ra’s words, it truly is

“…a living transmission and sacred text for activating your Higher Self embodiment. It’s also a modern mystery school for owning your own sovereign divinity and stepping into your divine purpose.” – Kaia Ra

This codex is a conversation with Sophia God and eight Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness keycode mentors, like Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, The Magdalena, Green Tara, and Isis.

Their relatable human journeys, the sovereign journeys of WOMEN, who embody Christ consciousness, are divine empowerment.

Their powerful initiations have expanded me to a place of safety, magick, Self, and Sovereign Divinity in a way I did not think was possible.

Sophia Circle Journeys

I loved this codex so much that I spent the past year in an intensive container with The Sophia Code channel and author, Kaia Ra, and community, on my own personal journey towards deepening my embrace of the Divine Feminine so that I could bring this magick into my life as a Sophia Circle Journey leader.

Sophia Circle Journeys are a 13 circles to activate your Higher Self Embodiment and a remembrance of your direct connection to Source. I am currently enrolling two circle communities,

Starting September 28th or starting October 13th.

If your connection to the Divine Feminine is an embodied practice for you, rather than simply a curiosity or exploration, I would love the opportunity to see if this circle journey is an expansion in alignment with Embodying Your Own Sovereignty. Schedule a free 30 minute exploration call below or simply message me.

Click for More Details on Sophia Circle Journeys

Balance always pings my Sacred Heart as a Divine Truth. Through the Truth of Divinity in all places, not just the hierarchal elite, I find myself awakening to the powerful Divinity that I am.

Embracing the feminine and the masculine, an equitable greeting of All That Is.

Expand me and with me. I receive it. I am so grateful for you.

We are all perfect love, and I love you all implicitly.
xo – Beth

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