Heartbroken to Hopeful

I am having a hard time processing what’s happening around me right now.

I am facing moments of heartbreak. Moments of anger. Long moments of stillness and gazing deep into the void.

I’m often vague to allow the sovereignty of one’s own journey and perspective to evolve without my interference.

But today, I am specific. For me. And for the oneness of who we all are, I suppose.

Overturning Roe v Wade is an attack on our sovereignty. It is an attack on our choice to embody the divinity of this life as we understand it. I am not a fundamental Christian. Don’t put your shit on me.
Threatening contraceptives, threatening travel for women in abortion illegal states, threatening gay marriage, and… threatening queer intimacy (??WTF)

It is ludicrous.

Who among us is holy enough to determine how one relates to their God, their identification of what’s Divine?

Who among us is superior enough to tell us how we should feel and express love?

“Who’s next?” “What’s next.”
And there it is.

What will THEY take from us next?
its heavy. Its heavy in my heart. Heavy in my throat. Its churning up my stomach.

And then I remember myself.

I remember that I am Sovereign and Divine

YOU are Sovereign and Divine.

Who the FUCK are THEY???

THEY did not make my stomach churn
I allowed that to happen.

THEY did not make my heart heavy.
I allowed that to happen.

I choose.

I choose to not give away my day to fear and loathing.
I choose to not give away my peace and happiness.
I choose to not give away my power.
I choose my anger.
I choose my heartbreak.
I choose my capacity to embody love.
I choose my capacity to embody the sovereignty of all humanity.

And I choose my action.

How can I help? How can I step up?
How can I be a good steward of humanity and the decadent gorgeousness of Mama Earth, Sophia Gaia?


I choose to witness ALL my feelings. I choose to process them, feel them, cry through them, curse, stare. I choose to embody them. I rage. I love.
I listen to them.
I interpret them.
I integrate them.

I powerfully rise up in my sovereign divinity, my fractal of the divine.

We are MORE than THEY want you to believe.

This is a powerful moment for humanity.

This is the dark’s latest countermove to the ascension we have all been through together.
Its an illusion.

My life’s work is theology. Claiming “religious motives” is scandalous and outrageous. This is oppression.

This is the hierarchal elite holding onto the illusion of control they cast over the masses.

Do you know why false religions are so hyper-focused on our sexuality? Why do they attack who we love, how we love, how we engage sexually?

Because sex and love are the core of who we are. It is instinctual.

IF they can control that aspect of our lives, THEY CAN CONTROL EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT US.
I learned THAT in Christianity 101, Thank you Dr. Cox.

The choice is to despair or hope.
The choice is blame or to come together.

I have been considering re-starting virtual Saturday chanting sessions.
This must be why.

If you want to join me, they will be every Saturday at 8am EST (NYC). Coming together in community, conversation, a shared prayer, and strengthening your voice are just a few of the benefits. Though your presence is the only necessary divine gift, if you would like to make a donation, all funding will go to The ACLU and The Trevor Project. Link in comments xo

My work is energy. My work is in the quantum field, the void, the fullness of our body, hearts, and minds.

And it is fucking powerful.

If you think the oppressors do not know the power of energy work, then it is time to tap into your heartspace for some hard truth. Lift the veil.

I stand here with the the Magdalena behind me, with Her comforting hands upon my sacred heart. She faced thousands of years of degradation, attacks, and lies. Yet, she’s been here all this time, walking with Yeshua, loving and caring for humanity. “They” couldn’t destroy her. “They” will never destroy me. “They” will never destroy us.

“They” will eventually remember they are one of us.

We are the Holy Fire of the “I am” presence.

Our love for humanity is ferocious.

If you are feeling as heartbroken or any kind of way about today, if you’re available for Her, Divine Feminine Consciousness is standing behind you, pouring love into you, too.

And so am I.

I love us.

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