Reflections on Travel and My Personal Ascension Journey

I’ve recently returned home from a month of purpose led and transformational travel and have spent the greater part of the last week and a half in a continuous state of surrender. I am surrendering to the somatic demand of allowing my experience to fully land. It is not a process that I can rush, even though so much of my conditioning wanted me to hop off the plane and right back into productive life. 

I am at a space in my ascension journey where the demand for the homeostasis of my energy, the familiar, the released, and the newly remembered must be honored. 

I am finding it incredibly difficult to compose the journey into a blog or practice or offering, or even a human conversation. This is because I have embodied so much, as was my intention, that it is impossible to keep the story on one page. 


I visited sacred lands, the lands of my ancestors, the lands of parallel lives and ancient rememberings. I swam with enlightened dolphins in the wild in the lands of my root life in Atlantis. I have connected with the depths of my divine journey in a way that my human cannot put together in human words (yet). My light language landed, I guided a nationwide group of empowered divine feminine priestesses through a vulnerable embodied energy healing practice, I spoke my truth about my root life as an Atlantean Queen just above the ruins of Atlantis, I found peace and beauty in the unexpected and disgust where I was told I would find love and magick.

I write this all during the intense energy of the Lion’s Gate Portal, a time of showing up in the world. 

In my surrender, I have never shown up more fully. 

I am, if nothing else, brimming over with immense gratitude at the shifts happening within me, most of which I am simply leaning into without the need to wrap my human mind around it. I am brimming with gratitude for the pieces of my journey: the somatic practices, the advanced emotional clearing work through the Spiral, my journey with the Sophia Code and Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, meditation, chanting, reiki, journaling, leading and participating in the spiritual practices of my beloved private coven and our American Witch Tour Public Community. Honoring my prayer of radical self realization, it is through these practices, that resonate so deeply in my heart space, that I am able to embody such an insatiably transformational journey. 

This is why I facilitate and why I seek personal retreats. 

Laying my hands on Mama Earth, our ancestors, our lineages, our history, all in the infinite present physical moment, creates such a stirring within me, that I simply unravel ALL my untruths. 

I am. So Hum. So simple and simultaneously the complexity of All That Is. 

I am so happy to be home, the birth place and residence of my present incarnation. My surrender, the gift of my capacity to tune into my body’s beckoning for release, invigorates my spirit, my home, my ministry, and this gorgeous earth beneath me. I invigorate this life with Radiant Love, my Divine capacity to Love, remembered and embodied through the letting go.  

Our Divine capacity to Love is as hot as the blazing August Sun, as ferocious as the mighty Lion, and as soft as a Summer breeze, when we step away from the perceived safety of complacency and surrender fully into the journey of remembrance. 

In Love & Magick,

xx – Beth 

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