Self Actualization Through Sovereign Artistry

Solstice Blessings all!

The pinnacle celebration of the summer sun, the heat, the long days, comes just in time to witness its decline. The ever fluid waxing and waning of the world is a reminder that we are all cyclical, we are in flow. It is time, in the summer sun, to fully submerge in vibrancy and abundance. It is a moment of allowing our winter dreams and spring seeds to actualize, proud and unapologetically.

We are miracles.

This Spring I had the sweetest pleasure of connecting with creatrix Emily Turin. Through courageous self exploration and discovery, Emily embodies and expands her gorgeous spirit through her personal medium of dance, song, poetry, storytelling, yoga… and all the things.

Check out our conversation about Emily’s trajectory to Self Actualization Through her Sovereign Artistry…

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