Self Healing Journey

This week I am in Miami, releasing winter, chasing sun, catching up with friends and healers, as well as studying and preparing Order of the Rose content for our March 1 release Goddess, as close to Her ancestral South American land as I can possibly get.

I am so looking forward to this warmth traveling up the coast to ignite the seeds we have all planted this winter.

How do you honor your cycles? 

In the Order of the Rose, the connection we made with our March Goddess emphasized the gravity of cyclical living. Just like the fires of Brigid, our February Goddess, keeps us inspired, creating, and forging through the end of winter, our March goddess imbues the importance of embodying all parts of our cycle. She teaches us to embody ALL the parts of our whole, regardless of labels or hierarchy we have applied to ourselves.

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How can we identify our authentic voice?

Chasing sunshine, joy, the Goddess, are all byproducts of Chasing SELF.  How can I get clear on my Self’s truth, joy, and purpose? How can I emancipate my Light?

SELF is the compass.

How many ways does society, governments, media, conditions and programs overlay and muzzle our sweet and ferociously unique and sovereign Inner North Stars?

My path of consistent transformation relies heavily on my capacity to move through these conditions; to enhance and shine my North Star.

I am incredibly grateful to have spent a great deal of time this Winter studying under the eclectic, brilliant, and magickal sages and guides at the Spiral School of Awakening of Australia. I am officially an IICT certified

Advanced Spiral & Emotional Clearing Practitioner.

Part of this certification was education on Self Clearing workshop facilitation.

Learning how to Self Clear is creating space to communicate with the infinite wisdom of our body, cultivating vulnerable, truthful awareness within the conscious minds.

Clearing emotions does not mean our emotional patterns, or language, disappears. Rather, it means we witness our emotional patterns, conditioning, and the unconscious beliefs that shape our behavior. We learn from them, integrate them, and move past them into a new way of being, intentionally creating our world through soul led choice rather than allowing programs and distorted perceptions to keep us locked in non-self loops.

More Information on Self Clearing Workshops

How can we nurture our human?

While in Miami, feeling the breath of release from my internal processing, I really embodied the importance of pleasure. I say it a lot, but I am not sure I embody the pursuit of pleasure in all things.

Pleasure and joy are how our Inner North Star communicates purpose.

There are so many gorgeous knowns and unknowns in existence. Perhaps a big part of this life’s purpose is to be present, embody pleasure and joy as humans. Creating space for the present journey, not the unknown, the known, in this moment, the journey chosen, the journey needed.

Massages, bodywork, Yoga, grounding in are some of the ways that I have been able to restore my wandering mind back to body, my human source.

This winter I was certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork by Dr Tracey at Laughing Buddha Hot Yoga in West Deptford. This modality helps bridge my energy healings with safe and nurturing human touch and connection.

Click Here for More Information on Body Work Sessions

How can I work on Self when there is so much going on in the world?

This world is a collection of sovereign beings, working towards a purpose, the realization of joy, pleasure, and the unique Self.

Each Self, each Purpose, each Light is of a mandatory importance; there are no exceptions.

A hierarchy of human is illusion.

We often only understand our full potential when we are put to the test, thus the need for trials and tests, in any experience. Perhaps the “dissolution of duality” is expanding enough to hold all aspects of the human experience, organically and fully, in our hearts?

I am consistently amazed by humanity, how we rise up when called, how our limitlessness shines through the experiences of perceived oppression and control, or the perception that we control anything greater than our own experience.

I support and honor all lights that rise up.

Warmth & Empowerment to all

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