Summer (Self) Love

Heal Yourself First, The Rest Will Come Later

– Unknown

Are you feeling the strength of this year’s Summer Fire?

All the old versions of myself are showing up for a final squeeze and release into the summer flame of Transformation.

If we surrender to the transformative flames of the Summer Fire, we shed those old stories and patterns that no longer support our highest empowered life experience.

Our Inner Fire, our Divinity, burns brighter with every surrendered release.

“The Devil you Don’t know versus the Devil you Do know”

I’m dissolving this archaic conditioning.

I am the “Unknown”

We are the “Unknown”

Our Raw, Authentic, Vulnerable, Sovereign, Magick, Beautiful, and Divine Selves are the “Unknown.”

That’s who this World Needs
Right now.

Fire, Empowerment, Magick to all
Summer Blessings


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