Trusting the Seasons

Imbolc Blessings!

We are celebrating Imbolc all this week, personally and professionally! Imbolc is the midway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. For our ancestors, who survived winters without our modern day comforts, Imbolc was when they knew they made it through! As I sit here writing these thoughts, I feel into that elation of the coming spring, listening to the sounds of the birds that have returned to my yard and taking a moment to notice the buds and “life” that is staring to appear in my gardens and trees.

After re-watching our first few episodes of “The Witch’s Hearth,” where Stephanie Schafer and I chat with Colleen St. Michael’s, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, and Dr. Ruthanne Chelius, third degree Wiccan Eldar, about the “winter seasons,” I have been thinking a lot about how I can tune into this guidance to bring peace to my life. Even though I know all of Mama Earth’s seasons are equally important, I have a natural inclination to lean into gloominess in the winter-time.

How can I actually apply the billion year old peace and wisdom of nature to my human journey?

The winter is a time of inner regeneration. While Mama Earth appears cold and dead all around us, beneath the surface, she is replenishing. We, too, retreat to our homes to restore and replenish. If I intentionally align with nature, the time in my home, away from the harsh elements, is a time for me, too, to restore and replenish. It is “permission” to be selfish with my self care practices.

My conscious awareness of how to apply this, today, feels like a simultaneous three part consideration: a mourning period for the parts of me that I intentionally released in the Fall, intentional silence and stillness of self-love and renewal, and the intentional planning of who I am deciding to bring into community at the coming rebirth of spring. It is in those moments of gloominess that I realize I have not surrendered to the wisdom of Mama Earth, a mirror of my inner fluidity and flow.

This is why I LOVE Imbolc.

It is a reminder that all things are in fluidity and flow. Even though there are a few weeks of winter left, the rebirth is beginning. There is a season for all things, and all things must move through the birth-life-death-rebirth cycle for transformation and ascension.

For me, the gloominess of winter is a reminder that I am trying to move too fast through an experience I find “uncomfortable.” Am I taking time away from being in service to embody self-care and self-love? Am I getting quiet and still so I may be in alignment with my Divine Self and Creation? Am I courageously leaning into my discomfort to tussle with what my body is telling me? Not sometimes, but ALWAYS, I find that my darkest moments are in the stagnancy of disconnect and avoidance. This is what I learn from leaning into the guidance of Sweet Mama Earth.

I would love to hear how Mama Earth has guided your Sacred Journey.

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