What is Reiki?

Welcome to our What Is Reiki Blog Post. In this blog, we will further explore what reiki is, what reiki can help you with, what you can expect from a reiki session, how you can get Reiki Certified, and more. Enjoy!


What is Reiki?

Rei – Universal spiritual wisdom

Ki – The Vital Life Force, also known as Chi in China, Prana in India, Spirit in Christianity, Rauch in Hebrew, Mana in Hawaii

A Reiki practitioner allows universal spiritual wisdom and universal life force to flow through them for self-healing and the art of healing others. The practitioner does not direct or control the energy flow, they are a conduit of this force.

The energy flow of Reiki is both masculine and feminine, like the yin and yang of Chinese medicine. Reiki both charges the recipients with positive energy and, at the same time, clears, strengthens, and cleanses stagnant passageways, nourishing and restoring the internal free flow of healthy and natural life force. 

Reiki works with the intelligence of body, mind, and spirit to flow where it is needed most. It is not the practitioner’s energy that flows through to the recipient, it is universal spiritual energy and wisdom passing through the practitioner, as a conduit, meeting and responding to the recipient’s innate healing wisdom. 

Reiki universal spiritual wisdom flows down through the crown chakra while vital life force flows up from the Earth, through the Root chakra. These healing energies meet at the Reiki practitioner’s heart space, descending down the arms and out of the hands. It is the intelligence of the Heart that governs this vital life force flow from practitioner to receiver. 

With Reiki, the Heart is the connecting bridge between universal spiritual energies and the physical grounding energies of the Earth. 

Reiki is a complementary healing practice, it is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. It is designed for self healing alongside proper medical treatment, therapy, and medication. 

Where did Reiki originate?

Reiki was discovered in the 1900’s by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Buddhist trained Japanese theologian. While exploring ancient Tibetan Sanskrit, Dr Usui found 2500 year old texts describing the keys for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Who Is Reiki For?

Reiki is a simple guided meditative practice that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes a positive mental state through gentle touch. Reiki is a fantastic modality for those experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, big life changes or transitions, or for those seeking greater relaxation and/or grounding.

What can I expect in a Reiki session?

Reiki sessions may be either in person or from a distance. 

In person sessions

Reiki sessions in our wellness space begin before the recipient has arrived. The Reiki practitioner creates sacred space, in a way that resonates with their healing art. The practitioner prepares a clean and comfortable healing table for the recipient to lie down upon arrival. 

We invite you to wear loose fitting clothes, which will remain on the entire session. Upon arrival, the recipient and practitioner move through some preparatory conversation before the recipient is guided to the healing table. Once the recipient is settled, the practitioner will begin. 

Reiki is often called a “laying of the hands” or “hands on” healing modality. At our wellness space, sometimes we are hands on and sometimes we are hands off. The reiki practitioner is intuitively tapped into the intelligence of both the universal life force energy flowing through them and the wisdom of their own healing heart. Hands may move on and off the recipient, hovering or stepping away, journeying through the recipient’s energy field, as guided. 

As a recipient, we encourage self-engagement during your session. During our preparatory conversation, we ask that you speak to your boundaries, energetically and physically. If you are not available for human touch, for example, we are glad to keep the session hands off. You are welcome to lean into the session as much as possible as well as feel free to speak, breathe, sigh or move as your OWN innate healing wisdom guides you. It is our honor and privilege to invoke your sovereign divinity, alongside you, in all of our offerings at Beth Barling Wellness. 

Our classic reiki sessions are 45 minutes long and my Divine Renewal Sessions, a cultivation of Reiki healing, Crystal healing, Angelic Channeling, and European Shamanic healing principles, are 60 minutes long. At the end of your session, the practitioner will gently advise you to begin the process of coming back into your body. Similar to coming out of Savasana, meditation, or a massage, your body will need a moment to ground back into physical presence. To ensure your safety while on the table, the practitioner will never leave your side until you are sitting upright. 

We offer water and light snacks for grounding before you journey to your next destination. If you are available, the practitioner will discuss what they intuitively felt during the session. This collaborative conversation of our sacred Reiki journey, together, is often a favorite part!

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Distance Healing:

Reiki energy healing can be performed at a distance. This means you will be at home, or wherever you are, lying in a comfortable position, while the practitioner is in sacred space at a separate location. We ask you to wear loose fitting clothes and advise your family and housemates not to disturb you. Animals usually sense when energy work is being performed. We invite you to decide how to manage your pets while in this sacred space. Your practitioner will reach out to you ahead of time to set expectations and inquire on desires and boundaries for the session. 

A distance Reiki session is physically autonomous, with an intentional energetic connection between practitioner and recipient. The practitioner will create sacred space around both of you and send an electronic message when they are ready to begin. At this time, you are invited to set an alarm for the length of the session, lie back, and lean into your session. Allow your innate healing wisdom to guide you. 

Distance Reiki is not an online alternative to In Person Reiki, rather it can be an incredibly versatile and autonomous experience. This is an opportunity to experience receiving intentional universal spiritual energy and wisdom in the privacy of your own sacred space. 

After your session, the practitioner will send you a closing email that may include intuitive feedback, if this was agreed upon during registration. 

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Can anyone Reiki?

Anyone can become a Reiki practitioner! Reiki is a gentle form of hands on energy enrichment that anyone can learn for themselves or to heal others. 

Reiki has a pure source through the attunement process. During the attunement process, the student sets their intention to receive Reiki energy through the crown, heart, and palm chakras from the Reiki Master. This connection between Reiki master and student creates a vortex of energy between the student and the universal Reiki source. 

There are three levels of attunement, I, II, and III. Each level increases the students’ kinesthetic sensitivity and open intuition. Once attuned, a student is attuned forever. 

Reiki I – The basic level for self-healing and the healing of others 

Reiki II – Incorporates sacred symbols, emotional and mental balancing, and long distance healing 

Reiki III – Master level empowering individuals to teach and attune others to the healing energy of Reiki 

As a Reiki Master, I am available to attune Reiki practitioners at all three levels. Reiki Level I or II consist of two sessions, four hours each. To be attuned as a Reiki Master requires an exploratory call to coordinate the appropriate sessions. 

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What is the Reiki Prayer?

Dr Usui’s philosophy for living the way of Reiki included trust, peace, gratitude, integrity, kindness, prayer, meditation, and respect for elders. He lived this legacy through the Reiki daily principles adapted from the Meiji Emperor’s poems:

Just for Today, I will not worry

Just for Today, I will not be angry

Just for Today, I will give thanks for my many blessings 

Just for Today, I will do my work honestly

Just for Today, I will be kind to every living thing

Just for Today, I will honor my parents and elders 


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