Equinox Greetings

Expansion, Embodiment & The Sophia Code™ Autumn Blessings This is an incredible time of year. It is, in fact, my favorite time of year. The coming Autumn Equinox is a time of balance, light and dark, masculine and feminine, an equitable greeting of our beautiful third dimensional dualities. This is the second harvest of Mama... Continue Reading →

Independence & The Spiral

"freedom from outside control or support : the state of being independent" It is with freedom and courage that we express our truths. This US Independence Day, my truth resonates with the quote at the base of Lady Liberty's feet,"None of us are free until all of us are free."  Celebrating humanity's trajectory towards a more... Continue Reading →

The Spiral Re-Launch

Of my spiritual trajectory, the inclusion of the International, comprehensive, emotional clearing modality, “The Spiral,” has been exponentially transformational. I credit this specific modality with finding my self worth, releasing false identities, and healing me from living a life according to external ‘decisions for me’ and ‘judgements of me,’ restoring my innate empowerment to live... Continue Reading →

Flower Moon Blessings

Sacral Fire All month long, in the Soul Magic Garden Yoga, Meditation, and Spirit Community, we have been tapping into our Sacral Fire. We are releasing our perceived expectations of the external world to shift towards intentionally creating, remembering, or stepping into our own authentic purpose and pleasure. We kicked this month off by simply embracing... Continue Reading →

Beltane: Wild & Free

Deepening the release of my busy mind, logic, and rules to embrace, wholeheartedly, this Divine celebration of Love. Beltane is a moment when all the world is pregnant and in the embodiment of wild pleasure, a fiery celebration of passion and love. Though this certainly includes sexual love and romantic passion, the resonance of Beltane... Continue Reading →

Ancestral Healing & The Willow Moon

Blessed Willow Moon Evening!  Connecting to our Roots is about connection to each other. Some times, it's not just about grounding into the Earth, but grounding into our hearts, the infinite space. The watery depths of the Willow Moon, in Scorpio, moves us deep into our lineage and ancestral wounds. It is an opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Seeking & Available for Beauty

Wild Mannered ReleaseA Conversation with Theresa Brown  This week's release on the Wild Mannered Series is a conversation with my beautiful friend and spiritual journey companion, Theresa Brown..."People are drawn to each other.. and there is always a reason. My mission is to bring more happiness into other people’s lives, and maybe even lighten their... Continue Reading →


This week's release on the Wild Mannered Series is a conversation with Spiritual Guide and Teacher, my friend, Rev. Dr. Tracey L Ulshafer. Tracey's everyday mission, for the past twenty years of service, is to seek truth and be a wayshower and guide for those seeking spiritual health, healing, and a little bit of laughter along the way.  This week Tracey... Continue Reading →

Spring Blessings

It has been such a long and transformational hermit season. What have you been cultivating?? This winter has been a period of deep reflection for me. It seemed that the work I had been doing last year around authenticity and sovereignty dug its precious little heels right into my soul. As requested, from my Higher Self... Continue Reading →

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