Celebrating Imbolc & Embracing the Hermit

Join Jenn Roth and Beth Barling for a 90 minute Virtual Imbolc Celebration

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Live on February 12, 10am est

A recording will be made available to all who cannot attend or if you would like to move through the process again!

Imbolc is the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It marks the turn from deep winter towards the newness of the Spring.

Imbolc is the wisdom of knowing that just beneath the cold, still, seemingly dead surface of Mother Earth, there are tiny movements, seeds germinating, and organisms starting to come alive. She is preparing the rebirth of spring.

So, too, are we.

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When we are not in alignment with the season, we feel the discord. Imbolc is a time to rest, recharge, move inward, nurture, and cultivate.

This often shows up in our lives as:

Winter Sadness 

Feeling Stagnant & Stuck

Lacking Inspiration

Seeking External Validations

Feeling Disconnected 

Lack of energy, Excessively Tired

The healing blessings of Imbolc are available when we are in alignment with the energy of Mother Earth and community.

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We welcome you to align with Mother Earth and our Spiritual Community by through a Virtual gathering, offered via a Sliding Scale donation.

Pay what you can afford, Pay what feels good.

This is a full bodied experience of being within, intentionally forging and embracing the creativity and magick of our inner fire and light.

All proceeds from this celebration will support Jenn & Beth’s current artistic endeavor, our hope and prayer to support the re-connection of humanity to the beauty of Mother Earth, a remembrance of the magnificence of our Oneness.

Imbolc Blessings

xo Jenn & Beth

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