Self Clearing Workshops

Sunday, June 12th

10AM – Noon EDT

Virtual Zoom Session

Saturday, July 9th

10AM – Noon EDT

Virtual Zoom Session

$15 Energetic Exchange

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What is Emotional Clearing, according to The Spiral Institute philosophy?

Emotional Clearing is a muscle testing tool, rooted in Kinesiology, which allows a practitioner to access information from the unconscious mind for themselves or their clients, with permission. 

Pairing this action with an Emotion Chart taken from Chinese Medicine allows the practitioner to accurately identify stressful emotions and release the blockage using a corresponding meridian point. 

Some Benefits of Self Clearing

  • Emotional and Energetic Hygiene 
  • Dissolve the disconnect between the conscious and unconscious mind 
  • Seek and find clarity when making important decisions, personal & professional
  • Remove Internal resistances
  • Expand Intuitive Awareness 
  • Reveal Unconscious Limitations
  • Allow Authentic Self to Shine Through

Learning how to Self Clear is creating space to communicate with the infinite wisdom of our body, cultivating vulnerable, truthful awareness within the conscious minds.

The body speaks to us through emotions, emotions which have classically been identified with chakras, organs, meridians, and nadis throughout our body. We use muscle testing against this map to both communicate and clear.

Clearing emotions does not mean our emotional patterns, or language, disappears. Rather, it means we witness our emotional patterns, conditioning, and the unconscious beliefs that shape our behavior. We learn from them, integrate them, and move past them into a new way of being, intentionally creating our world through soul led choice rather than allowing programs and distorted perceptions to keep us locked in non-self loops. 

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This Self Clearing Level 1 Workshop includes:

  • An introduction to Self Clearing as understood and taught by The Spiral School of Awareness 
  • Trusting our Intention and Body Wisdom 
  • Learning to Muscle Test (The Hardware)
  • Yes/No, Lock/Unlock, True/False messages (The Software)
  • Muscle Testing against an Emotion Chart 
  • Counting with Muscle Testing 
  • Clearing via Chinese Meridian Points 
  • Statement Clears 
  • Chakra Clears
  • 5 body Integration 

The Spiral School of Awareness philosophies are founded by Dane Tomas, Byron Bay, Australia. For more information, please access Tomas’s foundational text, “Clear Your Shit.” It is strongly recommended that any participant of the Self Clearing Workshop obtain a physical or electronic copy prior to our gathering. 

Byron Bay Beach photos by Michael Matthew

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