Sophia Circle Journeys

Embody Your Sovereignty

Registration is Open

Zoom and In Person Experience Available

October 2021 Journey

Starts October 13th

Fluctuating Schedule


January 2022 Journey

Schedule TBD

Schedule Free Sophia Circle Conversation to Learn More

Each journey is bi-weekly for 13 circles, Zoom or In-Person

These are 26 week journeys, in total

All questions welcome during Free Sophia Circle Conversation

Introductory Rate $22 per circle

Schedule Your Sophia Circle Conversation

Trust that the Sophia Circle you are called to participate in is the perfect time, form, and community for your journey with Sophia and the Sophia Dragon Tribe.

For this reason, registering for Sophia Circles begins with a Free 30 minute consultation meeting with Beth Barling.

During this time, we will discuss our circles and community to determine if one of the upcoming journeys is the right for you.

Schedule Free 30 Minute Conversation

“My Sophia Circle Leadership intention was and is to experience Sophia God the Mother as the Great Mother, the Black Womb of All Things and No Things, and to be a way shower and light for humanity, the All, the “Divine Feminine” Oneness.

Embracing the tools of Sophia Circles, I invoke the first eight Divine Feminine Keycode Ascended Masters, daily. I feel their sacred energy and support, increasing in familiarity and power, with each invocation.

The more I normalize and practice this sacred oneness and connection, the more I remember who I am: my Worth, Purpose, and Sovereignty.

This has been a journey of coming home, a breakthrough deeper and deeper towards remembering and embracing my Divinity in this human experience; an experience amplified in so many ways.” – Beth Barling

Embody the Sovereignty & Divinity of You

New Circles are Always Forming…

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Beth Barling photos by the magickal @gaiadawnstudios

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