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What is The Sophia Circle©?

For those in pursuit of personal wellness and self-transformation, The Sophia Circle Journey© with Beth Barling Wellness brings the inner you to the surface, helping you to feel enlightened and fully yourself. We envision a spiritual journey that helps humans to interact wholly and genuinely, where oneness, sustainability, and the sacred are the center of what brings us together. Your Sophia Circle Journey© is a thirteen part journey, alongside likeminded individuals, seeking spiritual awakening, activating inner talents and abilities, and the remembrance of our sovereign divinity. The journey follows Kaia Ra’s channeled codex, “The Sophia Code©,” so that you may be guided along your own, individual journey to experience the energy of Sophia God and the divine feminine.


Benefits of a Sophia Circle Journey©

The March 2023 spiritual journey is bi-weekly for 5 circles, every three weeks for the remaining 8 circles on Tuesday nights, from 6pm EST to 7:15 pm

March 14th- Introducing Sophia©
March 28th – The Sophia Code©
April 11th – The Sophia Dragon Tribe©
April 25th – Introducing the Keycodes©
May 9th – A Modern Mystery School©
May 30th – Isis
June 20th – Hathor
July 11th – Green Tara
August 1st – Mother Mary
August 22nd – Mary Magdalene
September 12th – Kuan Yin
October 3rd – White Buffalo Woman
October 24th – The Sophia Dragons© Schedule Free Sophia Circle Conversation to Learn More

The Sophia Circle© Mission

The mission of each and every Sophia Circle© is to is to expand its members’ ability to reach within themselves and recognize their sovereign divinity to better themselves, society, and the world. Through self-empowerment, self-actualization, and spiritual healing, each individual benefits from the support of divine feminine keycode ascended master mentors as well as other members of The Sophia Dragon Tribe©. The goal of a Sophia Circle© is to utilize the transformative power of circle to achieve and find out more about your divine feminine attributes and to help you remember your truth, your sovereign divinity – unleashing your special talents, abilities, and divine purpose.

Who Benefits From The Sophia Circle©?

Everyone. That’s right, everyone. The divine feminine is a part of every individual, which means that men and women alike who feel drawn to The Sophia Code© get to experience the incredible transformative healing power of The Sophia Circle©.

How to Know When the Time is Right

In many cases, you’ll know when the time is right if you feel drawn to join a circle. If you are reading this right now and feel a pull, no matter where you are, sign up today. Even if you do not quite feel drawn but are interested, it may help to have a guide walk you through your self-transformation journey. If you are curious at all about The Sophia Circle and finding the master that already lives within you, reach out to Beth today.

No matter who you are or where you are at in your journey, all questions are welcome during the free Sophia Circle Conversation. Whatever place you may find yourself in while finding your inner master, it’s important to trust that the Sophia Circle you are called to participate in is the perfect time, form, and community for your journey with Sophia and the Sophia Dragon Tribe.

For this reason and to determine where you belong, registering for Sophia Circles begins with a free 30 minute consultation meeting with Beth Barling. This free consultation is an incredible experience where you discover the circle you belong in. If you are interested in finding out more, join a circle and schedule your consultation today.

During this time, we will discuss our circles and community to determine if one of the upcoming journeys is the right for you. For any questions you may have about Sophia Circles or the Sophia Dragon Tribe, Beth Barling is the guide you can trust. Reach out to her today to find out more about this awakening opportunity.

Embody the Sovereignty & Divinity of You

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“Every circle, without exception, I am consistently blown away by how a format, so simple, fosters such surprising honesty, emotion, and surrender, in the most unlikely places. Embodying Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, in the community format designed by the Sophia Dragon Tribe©, channeled by gorgeous light, Kaia Ra, is a welcoming, warm, and safe space to nurture the authentic and sovereign gift of our own presence and magnificence” – Beth Barling

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“My Sophia Circle Leadership intention was and is to experience Sophia God the Mother as the Great Mother, the Black Womb of All Things and No Things, and to be a way shower and light for humanity, the All, the “Divine Feminine” Oneness.

Embracing the tools of Sophia Circles, I invoke the first eight Divine Feminine Keycode Ascended Masters, daily. I feel their sacred energy and support, increasing in familiarity and power, with each invocation.The more I normalize and practice this sacred oneness and connection, the more I remember who I am: my Worth, Purpose, and Sovereignty.

This has been a journey of coming home, a breakthrough deeper and deeper towards remembering and embracing my Divinity in this human experience; an experience amplified in so many ways.” – Beth Barling

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