The Spiral

The Spiral™ Journey with Beth Barling

Expansion, Expression, Empowerment, Embodiment

As an advanced Spiral Practitioner, I am grateful to offer

The Spiral – Independent Journey

The Group Spiral Journey

Quantum Clears (Spiral Graduates Only)

The Spiral – Independent Journey

This is the classic version of The Spiral where all nine sessions are one to one with Beth Barling. Each journey is unique and dedicated to your specific and personal needs.

You wil have access to Beth Barling via a personal telegram chat for the duration of the program.

These sessions may begin at any time and will flow at your unique pace.

This is a very personal and premier journey through the Spiral, a modality that continues to work its magick long after the sessions are complete.

Energetic Commitment is $1555

The Group Spiral Journey

The Group Spiral Journey is an incredible opportunity to go through the Spiral in community. There will be no more than four participants, creating space for both individual and group attention. These are themed journeys to call in like minded participants.

You will have access to the community & Beth in a group telegram chat.

These are scheduled sessions decided prior to Level 1 clears.

New Earth Entrepreneur” starts in May 2022

There is a lot of magick when we intentionally work in the mirror of community.

Energetic Commitment is $777 Per Person

9 weekly, 45-60 minute, Zoom sessions

Pay in Full, or select Three Month or Ten Month Payment Plans

Schedule a Spiral Conversation with Beth Barling

to find your Spiral Experience

Quantum Clears (Spiral Graduates Only)

“A Quantum clear is a process of collapsing the polarities around a concept, person or archetype. Anything that we have a strong charge around or want to either liberate the emotional stuckness from, OR call into our lives more easily as a being state is something that could potentially be Quantum cleared. This is an embodied and intuitive process that changes us on a transpersonal level and collapses the charge so we can step into or out of an archetype at will.”

Three Hour Clear – Energetic Exchange $555

Schedule a Spiral Conversation with Beth Barling

Expansion, Expression, Empowerment, Embodiment

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