The Spiral

What is the Spiral?

The Spiral is a deep transformational modality that clears unconscious conditioning and emotional baggage, allowing us to experience higher states of consciousness.  A Seven Step Journey, the Spiral combines ideas from Spiral Dynamics, David Hawkins’ Levels of Consciousness, the Chakra System, Kinesiology, and Chinese Meridian Medicine to quickly and accurately clear our personal unconscious triggers. The target consists of 22 of the most common human emotions.  

This innovative & international modality clears the path toward assimilation with Spirit. The combination of ancient and contemporary philosophies, combined with our ancient and contemporary powers of intention and personal energy alchemise a transcendence from where we are to where we desire to be, where we are meant to be. 

My Journey…

I’ve been through the Spiral twice, once with a dear mentor of mine, and again in Australia during Spiral Training. The way this modality has moved through me, empowered me, and expanded my Life Purpose, Vision, Happiness, & Peace is nothing short of Pure Magic. I’ve confronted fears I didn’t know I had, assimilated and released deep, unconscious grief I’d held on to for many years, released unhealthy patterns, and stepped deeper into a place of Self Love and Worthiness than I could have envisioned, prior.

This is absolutely one of the most profound modalities I’ve experienced to behold and express the Divinity and Light of our Higher Selves, our Spirit, Our True Self.

Spiral Practitioner Training

In January 2020, I traveled to Byron Bay, Australia to become a certified Spiral Practitioner, studying under Spiral founder, Dane Tomas and Lead Facilitator, Zapheria Bell. The wisdom, depth, magic, and absolute Divine Love in the creation and curation of this philosophically brilliant & spiritually attuned module was breathtaking.

My inaugural group of Spiral enrollees moved through the modality February 2020 – April 2020

What is included?

Eight One on One Virtual Sessions 

There are seven levels of Spiral clearing, corresponding to the seven traditional human chakras. Each level moves through the aligned emotions within the 22 Spiral defined common human emotions. The eighth virtual meeting is a manifestation clear to call in your optimal identity as well as move through the chakras one last time to validate the process.


Everyone feels and processes The Spiral differently. I am available via messenger, for the duration of The Spiral to ensure you feel safe and supported.

Facebook Group 

Private Spiral Facebook Page with Information, Level Explanations, scheduling links, and our Spiral Community.

Energetic commitment is $2000. Payment Plans Available

Need more information? Click below to access an interview with Spiral Founder Dane Tomas as he explains how he created this modality!

Or use the contact box to message any questions!

“The fastest possible way to clear a lifetime of emotional baggage.”


Spiral Client Feedback

When you heal places inside that have become ridged and locked away, new energy is released …This month I completed my Throat level of the Spiral .. my homework is to share more with less fear .. to share my truth , share my joys and passions , express myself in new ways in new forum and communities .. to not keep parts so hidden for fear that others will push me down out of criticism, jealousy, envy and power games as they did when I was a child … but to be honest sharing in these bigger ways triggers fears of judgement and being smacked back down into shadow .. but I will no longer let fear rule my path … So I am here .. heart shining , throat open ..sharing the brilliance that is this life ….A huge thank you to Beth Barling for leading me through the Spiral and helping me reach toward wholeness…

Emily T

I have known Beth for many many years. Mostly recently I was honored and privileged to have Beth take me through the Spiral. Wow, is all I’m going to say. I have struggled for years with emotional blocks, about things that I couldn’t remember. I have also had many different understandings of how I thought things happened in my life, until I went through the Spiral. The Spiral has opened me up, and allowed me to heal old emotions that weren’t in my awareness anymore, and heal more recent emotions in order for me to clearly understand my present life today. Thank you Beth Barling. You are my closest spiritual advisor, my friend, and my sister. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Theresa B

Byron Bay Beach Photos by Michael Matthew

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