The Spiral

The Spiral™ with Beth Barling

The Spiral is a seven level journey delivered over seven 45-60 minutes sessions plus two integration sessions. Each level is a series of “root” clears, which identify, embrace, and release the most profound and earliest installations (programs, conditioning, patterns) of the Spiral’s 22 base emotions. On the other side of release, we are gifted the chance to see the world through a clear lens, the lens of authentic Self.

The Spiral philosophies are borne of a brilliant, perennial construction of ancient and contemporary philosophies: Spiral Dynamics, David Hawkins’ Levels of Consciousness, the Chakra System, Kinesiology, and Chinese Meridian Medicine.

The mapped design moves an engaged recipient through the release of external expectations, conditioning, and control, towards the clear expression of our Highest, Embodied, and Sovereign Selves.

What is included?

The Spiral journey, with me, is comprised of nine, weekly, 45-60 minute, Virtual sessions.

The core Spiral curriculum is delivered in the first seven sessions:

Each level includes a root clear of aligned common human emotions, awareness, and follow up integration activities.

Sessions 8 & 9 explore safe integration, discussion, follow up clears, and closing ceremony.


Everyone feels and processes The Spiral differently. I am available via messenger, for the duration of The Spiral to ensure you feel safe and supported.

“My Spiral practice has evolved to become a trajectory through Expression, Embodiment, Expansion and Empowerment.”

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We embody and embrace every step of the journey. Through The Spiral’s specific map of Emotional Clearing, we are returned to a place of innocence, newness, and Soul led awareness. It is a chance to embody the Truth of who we are: Divine, Unique, and part of the Oneness of Humanity. Our unique truth becomes a tangible and visceral guide, prompting the empowerment to choose our own lives. 

As Spiral healing integrates through our conscious and unconscious, we begin a journey of accelerated Expansion. By untangling ourselves from perceived external expectations, manipulation, and control, we expand towards the already available pleasure and joys of life.

How the Spiral Can Help you

Am I at the right job?

Why am I afraid to speak up?

Why do I follow these rules? 

Who is this pattern benefiting?

Is this in alignment with my life’s purpose?

Why do I continue this path if it doesn’t make me feel good? What makes me feel good?

The Spiral becomes an opportunity to expand into who we really are, not who we were told we are. 

The Spiral is Empowerment. It is a modality that exponentially moves us through lifetimes and ancestral lineages of manipulation and control. On the other side is a remembrance and an awakening.

Through the Spiral, we are empowered by claiming “Self Responsibility” for our lives and experiences.

“There is no one who can embrace and grace this world with Your Unique Perfection except you. Empowerment is remembering and standing in this truth. And once remembered, you will never forget.” 

You are Perfect

You Are Complete

In this Very Moment and Always

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My Journey

I knew how powerful this work would be, for me, during level 2 of my first journey through the Spiral. Level 2 is the level where we root clear Fear, Grief, and Paralyzed Will. I recall driving the day after my clear, talking to my sister, and I was immediately overwhelmed by an unbearable sadness in my heart and belly.

I had managed so much of my grief by ignoring it and burying it. The sweet and simple act of “crying” felt like weakness and manipulation to me. Through emotional clearing, I witnessed and dissolved the connection between my grief and these unhealthy patterns. I was affronted with the overwhelming grief I had been burying for so long.

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I embodied my grief, experienced it through a healthy and authentic lens, and was able to begin the journey of consciously feeling, expressing, embodying, and integrating my grief. On the other side, I found gratitude and an unimaginable expansion of my capacity to love, and to appreciate the fullness of my human journey.

I registered to be a Spiral practitioner that week. The heightened and magnified power of this work, to intentionally and consciously eradicate our crippling patterns, felt enormously important to bring into my own healing practice. It is enormously inspiring to create space for my Spiral recipients to transcend and ascend through the release and expansion of the Spiral. 

In January 2020, I traveled to Byron Bay, Australia to become a Certified Spiral Practitioner, studying under Spiral founder, Dane Tomas and Lead Facilitator, Zapheria Bell.

The power of this work continues to show up in my life and purpose as miraculous. In December 2021, I pursued a deeper understanding, studying under Zapheria Bell, Womb Witch & Lead Facilitator, Kylie Ryan, Muse & Mindset Coach, and Alphamama, Self Love and Liberation Artist, becoming an

IICT Certified Advanced Spiral Practitioner.

The Spiral is courageous journey of remembering the Divine perfection we are, prompting effortless empowerment to manifest our world, accordingly. We remember our Possibility through the Spiral’s accelerated release of that which We are Not. 

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The Spiral™ Transformation

Are you ready to step into the truth of your Self Worth?

Are you ready to release external judgements of Self?

Are you ready to let go of old, toxic narratives?

Are you ready change your journey towards something inspiring and exciting for You?

Are you ready to innately feel your boundaries?

What would life feel like with space for Drive and Purpose?

What would life feel like if you could drop the guard around your heart?

What could you manifest when negative self talk is abhorrent to you?

How would your life change when you know you make the rules?

How could you show up in community when you find faith in yourself, first?

What would it mean to feel the fear of being vulnerable, but still choose courage and discernment to walk your most Authentic Path?

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Reviews for The Spiral by Beth Barling

“The fastest way possible to clear a lifetime of emotional baggage”

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Byron Bay Beach photos by Michael Matthew

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